How 'bout those Bearcats!?!?!?

  • Sunday, December 6, 2009 12:46 AM
  • Written By: Jonathan Cash


Your "Bad Beat" for Saturday is on:

Pittsburgh (moneyline) vs. Cincinnati.

I still don't really know how the Bearcats came back and won this game!?!?!?

The Panthers led comfortably 31-10 and seemed to be running away with this game, literally! Dion Lewis ran the ball like a man among boys 47 times for almost 200 yards and broke the plain three times. It just did not seem like Cincinnati's day.

But Tony Pike would not give up and continued to fling the ball around to Mardy Gilyard and Armon Binns and tied this thing up fairly late in the fourth quarter.

Pitt though came right back down the field and scored with about a minute and a half remaining. They then botched the snap on the extra point and only led 44-38.

Pike worked his magic and found Binns from about 30 yards out with a tad over 30 seconds remaining for the unreal 45-44 victory and a perfect 12-0 season in the end!

Your winners for Sunday are on:

4* Titans (plus 6) at Indianapolis.

2* Cowboys (minus 2) at New York.

A small losing 1-1 Saturday as the 5* on Rutgers fell short but the 3* on Georgia Tech cashed the ticket.

It's official, I'm on the Vince Young bandwagon! That 99 yard drive was so insane last week in the comeback win against the Cardinals that I can't help but back the red hot Titans today.

I am not really that afraid of the Colts right now. Peyton Manning is always scary but Indianapolis has not been playing like a dominant team as they have to win every week in comeback fashion. At some point that is going to catch up to them as they are still a very injured team, including still not having Anthony Gonzalez and Bob Sanders, and Tennessee is as confident as any team on the planet right now after winning five in a row.

Forget about the 0-6 start to the season and the blowout loss at home against the Colts as that is meaningless now. It's a whole new world right now and to get points like this here with Young and an unreal running back in Chris Johnson is just fine with me thanks.

The Cowboys do seem a little too easy here and maybe that means it is that time for Tony Romo to implode but I'm still rolling with the visitors.

The Giants are awful right now as Eli Manning is not healthy. Brandon Jacobs has not run the ball well at all and Tom Coughlin's team has not played a quality game in literally a few months.

Dallas has some revenge on their minds for losing to the G-Men in their new stadium home opener and with the much more talented team today without a doubt should get that revenge,

Demarcus Ware is a beast anchoring the defense and with Antonio Pierce out and Osi Umenyiora getting benched this defense is not what it has been in the past. I can see Barber, Jones and Choice cut right through it with ease once again and grab this win.

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