The Nets over the Suns? How Could I?

  • Wednesday, March 31, 2010 8:38 AM
  • Written By: Jonathan Cash


Your "Bad Beat" for Tuesday is on:

Coyotes (over 5 1/2) at Vancouver.

A consolation prize to any Pacific hoops backers as the Tigers were getting 5 1/2 and up by 6 at the break only to get drilled and watch Missouri State cover the game.

But the "Bad Beat" of the day comes on the ice where Phoenix was tangling in Vancouver. The over looked to be the play as this thing was 3-1 Canucks after just one period and 4-1 mid-way through the second. That means half of the game was remaining and just one measley goal needed for the over.

I guess it wasn't that measley.

There were only 16 combined shots in the third period and no more goals as this thing stayed 4-1 and a winner for the under players.

Your winners for Wednesday are on:

3* Nets (plus 7) vs. Phoenix.

2* Lakers (plus 1) at Atlanta.

One Tuesday play and it came through in the end. 4* North Carolina was a pick and needed overtime but did win by one. That was much much needed!

If you have been reading this blog for awhile then you more than likely know my feelings on the Nets. New Jersey may only have 10 victories on the season but they are not that bad. I love Lopez and Harris and feel that Kiki's team has solid enough complimentary players led by Lee and Yi. Finally the Nets' talent has translated into victories as they have now won three of the last four games and three straight at home.

The Nets just upset the Spurs as a similar dog a few nights ago and tonight have another semi daunting task with the very very good Phoenix Suns in town. Nash and Stoudemire are great but the Suns are playing for a second straight night after the victory in the Windy City yesterday. Maybe a little fatigue for the Suns? It's certainly a possibility.

There's no doubt we're backing the inferior team here, no matter my feelings for the Nets and in the end we should lose this game. But a full touchdown at home with the fresher team that is playing its best ball of the season is enough for me.

Mike Woodson's Hawks are very good and at home at times are great. Meanwhile Kobe and the Lakers have been struggling of late but I don't care, if I can get the defending champs plus something then it's a no-brainer.

Andrew Bynum is banged up and Los Angeles is not firing away on all cylinders but Phil Jackson's team is still great and boasts one of the top two players on the planet in Bryant. Look for the superstar of all superstars to take this thing over with some help from Gasol and for the champs to get back in the saddle and take care of business here.

Horford, Smith and Johnson are awesome but these are the Lakers we're talking about.

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