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  • Wednesday, July 1, 2009 4:48 PM
  • Written By: Jonathan Cash


And welcome everybody to your new favorite blog on the Internet. I am Jonathan Cash, handicapper extraordinaire, and I am going to show you just why you'll love this blog if you visit on a daily basis. You will see two separate features: The first is the "Bad Beat of the Day" from the previous night. Being the gambler that I am, I’m always interested in seeing who got screwed the night before, whether it be me or not. I will show the best example of a bad beat, or a maybe few of them if there isn't a clear-cut winner.

You want an example to whet your appetite? We all remember Frank Wycheck’s Music City Miracle shocking Buffalo in the playoffs. Or how about the Robin Ventura Grand Slam single driving in only one run for the Mets to keep the game under the total, despite the ball sailing clearly over the fence? Or how about in general with that late “meaningless” three-point shot or free throw for the backdoor cover. Gamblers all have stories and all claim they have the worst Bad Beat ever. To be honest with you, though, I have the worst beats ever!

The Bad Beat for June 30: Red Sox at Orioles

Sometimes this will be an opinionated section as many games have turning points outside the norm creating a bad loss. Last night, though, cannot be argued at all by anybody out there --- and I mean anybody.

I can tell you first hand that last night featured one of the roughest beats of my life, and I really do not believe that I am overstating this. The last thing I wanted to do was jinx the Red Sox, but I did feel supremely comfortable with the best team in the AL East, if not the entire American League or even all of baseball, against the last-place Orioles, leading 9-1 in a fifth-inning rain delay. So I went to bed then and in my mind chalked up the BoSox as a winner.

Yes, that is one of the cardinal sins in gambling, but come on, up 9-1 with the Sox against the fairly lowly O’s with only half the game remaining!?!?!? My sleep was just fine, without any stress whatsoever as the radar looked good and the game was going to resume at some point meaning an easy win on Smoltz and the fellas.

I guess the Gambling Gods got me, though, as I woke up and saw my buddy's IM about Baltimore's crazy 11-10 win. I hadn't even thought to look for the score myself. Why would I when there was absolutely no chance of losing, right? I truly could not believe the IM. I really thought it was a joke. Unfortunately it wasn’t.

A few minutes later, I learned that the game had become even more of a blowout as the Red Sox built the lead to 10-1 in the seventh. And that's when the Sox bullpen --- the best in all of baseball --- just got absolutely destroyed allowing five runs and then five more in the eighth. This all contributed to the greatest comeback in Baltimore history, or something to that extent as I was so flustered when I heard the ridiculous stat on that major network called ESPN.

Pretty much this a top two beat of this season, save only, probably, what the Indians did about a month ago at the Jake against Tampa Bay scoring I believe 8 runs in the 9th inning for the sick win.

I will not be the Court Jester every night here on “The Bad Beat” that I can tell you. But in this, my first blog on SportsFanLive, I guess I am the joke. Man, oh man, am I still scratching my head over that one. Just plain insane!

Plays of the Day for July 1:
2* White Sox (+105) in Cleveland
2* Phillies (-110) in Atlanta

There are two 2* plays that I like tonight. I’m not enthralled overall with tonight’s slate, but I will certainly take a crack on the scorching White Sox led by the rejuvenated old man Jose Contreras against the regressing Jeremy Sowers in Cleveland.

Chicago was almost a higher rated play, but I always step back a bit when backing a team looking for a sweep as that just seems to not happen more times than it does. Sweeping another team, no less on the road and against a semi-divisional rival, is not easy at all and therefore I kept this play somewhat low because of the situation. But with that said, Chicago is rolling right now whereas Cleveland is the exact opposite and pretty much just playing out the string as we are not even at the halfway point of the season and that says all you need to know.

Look for Ozzie Guillen's 2005 world champs to continue this run for at least one more game as Contreras continues his solid pitching since being recalled from the minors for one more game. I can see Sowers getting smacked around a bit by the Hawk’s "Good Guys" and, when all is said and done, a 6-3 Sox victory.

As for the Phillies, Cole Hamels, Cole Hamels, Cole Hamels. The lefty is awesome as we saw last season and even if his numbers have been subpar so far this season, he is not going to get hit very much here by an Atlanta offense that is offensive. Chipper has not been Chipper and McCann should get somewhat neutralized here against the southpaw. Martin Prado was great last night in winning the game for the Bravos but lightning ain’t striking twice there --- that you can bet on. With Nate McLouth and Yunel Escobar still limping around the clubhouse, the Atlanta M*A*S*H unit will not be very pretty here.

Philadelphia won eight straight at Turner Field before the 10-inning loss last night and it will get back on-track tonight. Jair Jurrjens is very solid, but Mr. Jurrjens meet Mr. Howard and Mr. Utley and Mr. Victoriano and Mr. Werth and on and on and on.

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