Rolling with the Heels of Tar in the NIT Championship!

  • Thursday, April 1, 2010 8:30 AM
  • Written By: Jonathan Cash


Your "Bad Beat" for Wednesday is on:

Mavericks (under 205) at Memphis.

A small consolation prize right here to any LA Clipper backers who watched their cash go up in smoke. The Clips led outright by five at the half, and when combined with the 10 points they were getting in the game were up by 15 with only 24 minutes of basketball to be played. But in typical NBA fashion they then were pummeled in a despicable second half loser in Toronto.

The "Bad Beat" of the day comes also from the NBA hardwoods where the Mavericks were in Memphis tangling with the Grizzlies. This game had under pace written all over it. Memphis led 73-67 after three quarters and after only 40 points were scored in the fourth the game accumulated only 180.

Oh yeah, small problem though, as the game was tied up at 90 meaning an extra five minutes of overtime. The offenses then started clicking and in the end Dirk and the boys won the game 106-102 pushing this thing over that total and also covering the small road favorite number.

Your winner for Thursday is on:

2* North Carolina (plus 3) vs. Dayton.

A very poor 0-2 Wednesday as the last week or so has not been as planned.

One play on this extremely small Thursday slate as I'll grab whatever I can with the North Carolina Tar Heels. The regular season was an unmitigated disaster but it appears that Roy Williams' Heels have grown up and finally become an alright team. Zeller, Ginyard, Drew, Henson and a few others are starting to click and show us a glimpse of what North Carolina basketball is supposed to be.

The Heels won at both Mississippi State and UAB and just won in overtime against a very game Rhode Island squad that almost made the NCAA Tournament.

Dayton is a quality squad and Brian Gregory has his boys playing very well also. They went on the road and took care of business in hostile environments, like UNC, at Illinois and Cincinnati. The Flyers can bring it and will bring it after they ended the regular season in poor fashion as well but here at Madison Square Garden I can't help but scoop up some points with the Heels.

Look for a rough and tumble affair in which both teams have a chance to walk off the court as the victor and for the points to be huge in a potentially one or two point final.

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All About The Tar Heels!

  • Tuesday, March 30, 2010 8:10 AM
  • Written By: Jonathan Cash


Your "Bad Beat" for Monday is on:

Knicks (over total of 217) at Utah.

No real tragic Bad Beats on Monday. But there's still always something.

To say that the Knicks are defensively challenged is being polite. That was the case once again in Utah yesterday in a major way or so it seemed.

Utah put 28 points on the board less than 8 minutes into the game and the score was a whopping 44-30 Jazz after a quarter. That's 74 points only 25% into the game. You're right at about 300 pace if that gets kept up.

It was then 64-60 at the half, again well above the pace needed for the high. 124 in the first half and only in the mid 90's in the second half. That should be no problem at all here in Salt Lake.

The Knicks outscored the Jazz 27-23 in the third and now only 43 points are needed in the fourth. After seeing 74 put on the board in the first quarter 43 should have been cake.

Well Utah outscored New York somehow only 16-11 in that final period as this thing stayed well under the total, somehow.

Your winner for Tuesday is on:

4* North Carolina (pk) vs. Rhode Island.

The last week has stunk, no other way around it. I lost that 4* on the St. Louis Billikens and I am officially now in a slump even with the 2* outright winner on the Hornets over the Lakers.

This price is just too cheap on Roy Williams' Heels. Sure I think North Carolina will win this game. That's not to take anything away from a good Rhode Island team but the Rams do not have the blue chip athletes of the Heels and in the end today at MSG we will see just that.

Forget about the horrific regular season. That was then and this is now. UNC just won brilliantly in Starkville against a very good Miss. State team and did the same in that last game at UAB. It's not a fluke beating the Bulldogs and Blazers in the road as this team is finally reaching a little bit of the level they were supposed to.

Thompson, Zeller, Ginyard, Henson, Drew and the boys from Chapel Hill are a lot more confident right now than at any point this season. UNC has always had the potential with their McDonald's All Americans. What happened earlier is anybody's guess because it was really really bad for the majority of the season.

But once again, that was then and this is now.

Rhode Island is pretty good and almost made the NCAA Tournament but I am starting to believe a bit in the Heels and will back them today.

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Tar Heels on Tuesday Baby!

  • Tuesday, March 23, 2010 9:50 AM
  • Written By: Jonathan Cash


Your "Bad Beat" for Monday is on

Wisconsin GB (total of 123) at St. Louis.

Oh you poor under players!

The Phoenix and Billikens were playing defense and the over was just pretty much a pipedream for the over players.

The score was 27-25 St. Louis at the break and that pace stayed the same throughout the second half. Rick Majerus' squad could not pull away though and this thing went into overtime tied at 53, still under by 17 or so points.

Neither team mustered much of anything in the extra five minutes and to be exact each squad scored three points pushing this into double overtime.

So the game was still under even after an overtime session. The luck ran out though as Wiscy Green Bay was outscored 12-6 in double overtime and in the end St. Louis won the game 68-62 and it went over that total in semi ridiculous fashion!

Your winner for Tuesday is on:

3* North Carolina (plus 4 1/2) at UAB.

One play on Monday and it was a loser as Virginia Tech laying 4 1/2 won by 2. Back at it here.

One play today on this garbage slate and I'll back the Tar Heels plus some points for sure. The season has been horrible as Roy Williams' team has been as disappointing as disappointing could ever be but they finally showed some life in that upset win in Mississippi State.

The Bulldogs were up by 12 right away but Tyler Zeller and the boys kept with it and won basically at the buzzer. One game certainly does not make a team and will not change the fortunes of UNC but I do believe there is a bit of a renewed confidence and let's not forget how the Heels did take Georgia Tech to the wire in that first round of the ACC Tournament game.

UAB has had a quality season and almost made the field of 65. They were probably about 68 or 69 when all was said and done. The Blazers also seem to always rise up at home, where they are today, but I can see North Carolina win this game I really can.

It almost feels like a movie script where the terrible terrible season turns into a nice little ending as Zeller, Ginyard, Henson, Drew and the rest of the possibly improving Heels make it to the Garden for the NIT semis.

UAB is good but that's about it and North Carolina is still North Carolina...Maybe.

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All About the Baylor Bears on Saturday!

  • Friday, March 5, 2010 11:34 PM
  • Written By: Jonathan Cash


Your "Bad Beat" for Friday is on:

Drake (plus 9 1/2) vs. Northern Iowa.

A big-time consolation to any DePaul backers and under backers in that St. John's-DePaul clash as the Blue Demons blew the 16 point halftime lead and lost 90-82 in triple overtime!

Now to the beat at hand. The game was meant to be a total rout for the fresher and more talented Panthers but it was anything but early on.

The score was shockingly 24-13 Bulldogs 12 minutes into the game. Drake did not score for the final 8 minutes literally and Northern Iowa ended the first half on a 10-0 run and the score was 24-23 at the half, still looking good for this dog.

Drake's defense continued to play at a very high level limiting Northern to only 32 points in the second half and 55 total for the game. The problem though for Drake was their offense which tallied a whole 16 second half points in an unreal 55-40 defeat.

Drake was outscored 42-16 in the game's final 28 minutes. Now how the heck is that possible!?!?!?

Your winners for Saturday are on:

5* Baylor (minus 3) vs. Texas.

3* Villanova (minus 3) vs. West Virginia.

A winning 2-1 Friday as James Madison won outright with ease and The Citadel won going away!

A couple of small home favorites here that are just not giving as much as they should be.

Baylor has been great this season, flat out freakin' great. LaceDarius Dunn is phenomenal and Epke Udoh and Tweety Carter are no joke. Scott Drew has ressurected this program and in Waco should flat out win this thing by a ton.

Who the heck is Texas right now? The Longhorns are not good at all. They were the top team in the land and have done a whole lot of losing ever since. The road has been extremely cruel to the Longhorns and to expect things to change today is stupid.

The 'Horns had to rally in that last game at home just to beat a poor Oklama squad. The Sooners are in a total down year and controlled that game for 30 plus minutes.

It's asking way too much for the 'Horns to win this game and that is what it almost takes in order for them to cover.

All about da Bears!

Similar here as above with Villanova. The Wildcats at home are explosive and dangerous as all heck. Scottie Reynolds leads a team that boasts a very high ceiling. The Wildcats are well coached and are ultra deep and athletic. Jay Wright's team is probably one of about six that has a real chance of winning it all.

West Virginia can be scary at times as Butler is a stud but away from Morgantown makes them very vulnerable a lot of the time. This team can win games on the road but it just doesn't come as often and today are up against a 'Nova squad that is ready to bust out once again.

The Wildcats have not been all that in these last few games but most of them did come away from Philadelphia. Now back home should be just fine and get back to those winning ways.

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Let's Go Nets? Sure!

  • Thursday, February 4, 2010 11:10 PM
  • Written By: Jonathan Cash


Your "Bad Beat" for Thursday is on:

Youngstown State (plus 4) at Loyola,Chicago.

A hearty runner up to any Wright State backers as the Raiders were up by 11 with 2 minutes to play and could not cover the 5 1/2 thanks to Valparaiso burying some late three's for the backdoor. Maybe Bryce Drew came back for a day?

Also anybody who had the under on the ice from Minnesota should be a little steaming right about now. The Oilers and Wild were scoreless after one period and tied at only one after two. Then four combined goals in the third put it over the 5 1/2 as the Wild won 4-2. Yikes!

But the "Bad Beat" of the day comes from Loyola where the underdog Penguins of Youngstown State built up a 53-45 lead at the half. The visitors had the lead for the bulk of the second half but in unlucky fashion it went to overtime tied at 78.

The Ramblers picked up their play in the extra session doubling up the Pens 14-7 in winning and covering the contest, 92-85.

Your winners for Friday are on:

3* Nets (plus 13) at Boston.

2* Canisius (plus 8) at Niagara.

A small winning 1-1 Thursday as the 3* Hoosiers from Indiana take care of business unlike Georgia Tech who vomited on themselves a few too many times at Cameron.

It's certainly tough to back the 4-44 Nets as they are horrific this season but without Paul Pierce and not exactly playing all that well of late I'll fade the Celtics at this price.

New Jersey may not be winning games but believe it or not they have actually covered four of their last five. Devin Harris is a borderline great point guard and Brook Lopez is no joke in the middle. Throw in a guy in Courtney Lee who was very good in the finals last season for the Magic and I can see the Nets hang here in the end.

Boston is clearly the much better team and I can see Rajon Rondo have another quality game leading the way but Pierce is injured and I just can't imagine the C's being pumped up to play this game after just facing over the past week or so the Lakers, Magic and Hawks.

I can see Doc Rivers' squad go through the motions a bit, get guys some rest and pull out the blah single digit victory.

Niagara is a .500 club that has lost six of their last eight games and just cannot be laying the number that they are. Canisius is probably the inferior team on the court here and are on the road which is never easy but they are without a doubt the right side tonight.

Joe Mihalich' team certainly can score points as they boast four players who score in double figures but the defense has been very sketchy and just last week fell to these same Golden Griffins, 73-70.

The Purple Eagles may get their revenge in terms of the outright but a cover seems very unlikely to me!

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Destroyed Down Under Despite "Winning"!

  • Tuesday, January 26, 2010 10:21 AM
  • Written By: Jonathan Cash


Your "Bad Beat" for Monday is on:

Murray (minus 120) vs. Rafael Nadal.

The Suns imploding and not covering can certainly be categorized as a "Bad Beat" but today there is one even worse and it's certainly stepping out of the box a bit.

Different internet sportsbooks have different rules. When it comes to tennis some sites say that matches are deemed winning or losing if two sets of action have been completed. Other sites say the entire match must be finished. That is a big difference when it comes to guys (and gals) retiring from matches with injuries and that as the case very early on Tuesday morning, which I am going to still call Monday's "Bad Beat".

Andy Murray was in complete control against the defending Australian Open Champion Rafael Nadal. Murray took the first two sets 6-3, 7-6 and was on his way through to the semifinals. He even took the 3-0 lead in the third so it was just a matter of time before Murray advanced and his backers reaped the rewards.


Nadal retired with a knee injury right there at 0-3 and like I said above at some books Murray backers did NOT win, despite him winning and moving on!

Your winners for Tuesday are on:

5* Baylor (minus 2 1/2) vs. Kansas State.

3* DePaul (plus 15 1/2) vs. West Virginia.

3* Northwestern (plus 11) at Minnesota.

A losing 1* day on Monday as I lost the bigger 3* and hit the 2*.

Love the Baylor Bears today!

So many times you see home teams take care of business and especially so in the Big 12. Granted Kansas State is a legitimate top 15 or so squad as their guard play is amazing with Jacob Pullen and Dennis Clemente but the Wildcats are not traveling to Waco against a very very good Baylor squad and winning, no how no way.

This number should be at least 6 or 7 points as Scott Drew has his team playing lights out and at home are unbeatable right now. K State did pound Texas last week which showed a lot about Frank Martin's club but they then turned around and lost at home to Oklahoma State which also showed a lot about Frank Martin's club.

You know what Baylor is going to give you every single game. This team competes ferociously as they almost won at Kansas last week, where nobody even competes no less wins, and now at home will be more than fired up and win this thing well north of the cheap price!

I wish we had Mac Koshwal's big body in the middle but that just doesn't look like it's going to happen once again.

DePaul is not good and obviously not close to West Virginia in terms of talent, but any Big East squad at home to get more than to touchdowns with at least a semi improving squad is enough for me.

The Blue Demons are not what they used to be in the days of Ray Meyer and just fired their coach in Jerry Wainwright a few weeks ago because of it. The program is certainly on hard times right now and another loss is in their future today but they finally did win a conference game downing a solid Marquette team last week and in that last game covered at Notre Dame against Luke Harangody and the Fighting Irish.

Tracy Webster has given free reign to Will Walker to take over and we have seen the guy score a ton and help this team get a little better.

This game has 71-64 written all over it!

Nothing much has gone right for Tubby Smith's Golden Gophers this season, relatively speaking as they are still good and have won some games, and I can't pass up the points with what has become a really solid Wildcat team.

Northwestern has had a great season and they have beaten quality competition. It's not like Bill Carmody's team has pounded creampuffs at all. These guys downed Purdue, Notre Dame and most recently Illinois and also went to Ann Arbor as the seven point dog and beat Michigan.

John Shurna and Michael Thompson will bring it and with the Gophers reeling from that implosion last time out against Michigan State and with Smith's squad without their point guard I am all about grabbing the hefty points ith what is still a very undervalued Northwestern bunch.

Minnesota certainly should win the game but not by the double digit number the oddsmakers have deemed.