Now This Is Insane!?!?!?!

  • Wednesday, December 16, 2009 11:02 PM
  • Written By: Jonathan Cash


Your "Bad Beat" for Wednesday is on:

UTEP (plus 7) at Mississippi.

It truly doesn't get much better than this!

The UTEP Minors were leading 70-58 with 3:36 to go on the road in the state of Mississippi against the 25th ranked team in the nation in Ole Miss..

Andy Kennedy's team was pretty much all done as down a dozen with that little time left meant a loss, plain and simple. And when you factor in the spread then anybody who backed the Rebels had a 1 in a million shot and needed overtime for sure as there just wasn't enough time remaining to outscore UTEP by the necessary margin.

Wouldn't you know it, bang!

The Rebels went on a 14-0 run in those final minutes to take a 72-70 lead capped in the waning seconds on a Terrico White free throw. Arnett Moultrie then tied it up for the Minors and this thing went into an extra session.

91-81 Ole Miss wins AND covers! Need I say more!?!?!

Your winner for Thursday is on:

2* Jacksonville (plus 3) vs. Indianapolis.

A 2-0 Wedneday as the big play was on those Rebels. Just look above to see how unreal that was. UAB also took care of business in the sweep.

I hate the hoops slate today and will just make one small play on the small home dog Jags. Today is probably the season for Jack Del Rio's squad and I think they'll show up and play.

Every year the Colts and Jaguars play each other a few times and are as familiar as can be with their rival. I think this will help Jacksonville here as they will be familiar with Peyton Manning and his tendencies. No doubt the quarterback is phenomenal but he has thrown a ton of picks of late and I just do not think this team is going to finish the season perfect and this is a great spot for them to fall short.

Indy has nothing to play for anymore, besides the 16-0 season and in the grand scheme of things, after the Patriots accomplished this a few seasons ago, I'm not that sure how much they truly care about this record. Coach Jim Cauldwell said his guys will play but with all of the injuries this season I do think in the back of their minds this franchise is going to play things somewhat safe, at least psychologically if not seen fully on the field.

David Garrard is capable and Maurice Jones-Drew is a game breaker. This game means a whole lot more to the home dog Jags and in the end they have my vote!