Rolling with the Heels of Tar in the NIT Championship!

  • Thursday, April 1, 2010 8:30 AM
  • Written By: Jonathan Cash


Your "Bad Beat" for Wednesday is on:

Mavericks (under 205) at Memphis.

A small consolation prize right here to any LA Clipper backers who watched their cash go up in smoke. The Clips led outright by five at the half, and when combined with the 10 points they were getting in the game were up by 15 with only 24 minutes of basketball to be played. But in typical NBA fashion they then were pummeled in a despicable second half loser in Toronto.

The "Bad Beat" of the day comes also from the NBA hardwoods where the Mavericks were in Memphis tangling with the Grizzlies. This game had under pace written all over it. Memphis led 73-67 after three quarters and after only 40 points were scored in the fourth the game accumulated only 180.

Oh yeah, small problem though, as the game was tied up at 90 meaning an extra five minutes of overtime. The offenses then started clicking and in the end Dirk and the boys won the game 106-102 pushing this thing over that total and also covering the small road favorite number.

Your winner for Thursday is on:

2* North Carolina (plus 3) vs. Dayton.

A very poor 0-2 Wednesday as the last week or so has not been as planned.

One play on this extremely small Thursday slate as I'll grab whatever I can with the North Carolina Tar Heels. The regular season was an unmitigated disaster but it appears that Roy Williams' Heels have grown up and finally become an alright team. Zeller, Ginyard, Drew, Henson and a few others are starting to click and show us a glimpse of what North Carolina basketball is supposed to be.

The Heels won at both Mississippi State and UAB and just won in overtime against a very game Rhode Island squad that almost made the NCAA Tournament.

Dayton is a quality squad and Brian Gregory has his boys playing very well also. They went on the road and took care of business in hostile environments, like UNC, at Illinois and Cincinnati. The Flyers can bring it and will bring it after they ended the regular season in poor fashion as well but here at Madison Square Garden I can't help but scoop up some points with the Heels.

Look for a rough and tumble affair in which both teams have a chance to walk off the court as the victor and for the points to be huge in a potentially one or two point final.

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All About The Tar Heels!

  • Tuesday, March 30, 2010 8:10 AM
  • Written By: Jonathan Cash


Your "Bad Beat" for Monday is on:

Knicks (over total of 217) at Utah.

No real tragic Bad Beats on Monday. But there's still always something.

To say that the Knicks are defensively challenged is being polite. That was the case once again in Utah yesterday in a major way or so it seemed.

Utah put 28 points on the board less than 8 minutes into the game and the score was a whopping 44-30 Jazz after a quarter. That's 74 points only 25% into the game. You're right at about 300 pace if that gets kept up.

It was then 64-60 at the half, again well above the pace needed for the high. 124 in the first half and only in the mid 90's in the second half. That should be no problem at all here in Salt Lake.

The Knicks outscored the Jazz 27-23 in the third and now only 43 points are needed in the fourth. After seeing 74 put on the board in the first quarter 43 should have been cake.

Well Utah outscored New York somehow only 16-11 in that final period as this thing stayed well under the total, somehow.

Your winner for Tuesday is on:

4* North Carolina (pk) vs. Rhode Island.

The last week has stunk, no other way around it. I lost that 4* on the St. Louis Billikens and I am officially now in a slump even with the 2* outright winner on the Hornets over the Lakers.

This price is just too cheap on Roy Williams' Heels. Sure I think North Carolina will win this game. That's not to take anything away from a good Rhode Island team but the Rams do not have the blue chip athletes of the Heels and in the end today at MSG we will see just that.

Forget about the horrific regular season. That was then and this is now. UNC just won brilliantly in Starkville against a very good Miss. State team and did the same in that last game at UAB. It's not a fluke beating the Bulldogs and Blazers in the road as this team is finally reaching a little bit of the level they were supposed to.

Thompson, Zeller, Ginyard, Henson, Drew and the boys from Chapel Hill are a lot more confident right now than at any point this season. UNC has always had the potential with their McDonald's All Americans. What happened earlier is anybody's guess because it was really really bad for the majority of the season.

But once again, that was then and this is now.

Rhode Island is pretty good and almost made the NCAA Tournament but I am starting to believe a bit in the Heels and will back them today.

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Tar Heels on Tuesday Baby!

  • Tuesday, March 23, 2010 9:50 AM
  • Written By: Jonathan Cash


Your "Bad Beat" for Monday is on

Wisconsin GB (total of 123) at St. Louis.

Oh you poor under players!

The Phoenix and Billikens were playing defense and the over was just pretty much a pipedream for the over players.

The score was 27-25 St. Louis at the break and that pace stayed the same throughout the second half. Rick Majerus' squad could not pull away though and this thing went into overtime tied at 53, still under by 17 or so points.

Neither team mustered much of anything in the extra five minutes and to be exact each squad scored three points pushing this into double overtime.

So the game was still under even after an overtime session. The luck ran out though as Wiscy Green Bay was outscored 12-6 in double overtime and in the end St. Louis won the game 68-62 and it went over that total in semi ridiculous fashion!

Your winner for Tuesday is on:

3* North Carolina (plus 4 1/2) at UAB.

One play on Monday and it was a loser as Virginia Tech laying 4 1/2 won by 2. Back at it here.

One play today on this garbage slate and I'll back the Tar Heels plus some points for sure. The season has been horrible as Roy Williams' team has been as disappointing as disappointing could ever be but they finally showed some life in that upset win in Mississippi State.

The Bulldogs were up by 12 right away but Tyler Zeller and the boys kept with it and won basically at the buzzer. One game certainly does not make a team and will not change the fortunes of UNC but I do believe there is a bit of a renewed confidence and let's not forget how the Heels did take Georgia Tech to the wire in that first round of the ACC Tournament game.

UAB has had a quality season and almost made the field of 65. They were probably about 68 or 69 when all was said and done. The Blazers also seem to always rise up at home, where they are today, but I can see North Carolina win this game I really can.

It almost feels like a movie script where the terrible terrible season turns into a nice little ending as Zeller, Ginyard, Henson, Drew and the rest of the possibly improving Heels make it to the Garden for the NIT semis.

UAB is good but that's about it and North Carolina is still North Carolina...Maybe.

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Am Amazing "Bad Beat" Tennis Match? Yup!

  • Tuesday, March 16, 2010 9:50 AM
  • Written By: Jonathan Cash


Your "Bad Beat" for Monday is on:

Kohlschreiber (plus 310) vs. Djokovic.

I'm going against the grain today but there was a number and a Bad Beat so why not, even if it is tennis!?!?!?

Philip Kohlschreiber was a huge tennis underdog against a top five player in the world in Novak Djokovic. The match was on television and I happened to have put it on for a bit. Djokovic won the first set easily 6-2 and then was up 2-0 in the second. There was no reason to believe anything was going to change but it did. The huge underdog literally won the next 9 games to seize all of the momentum. It was almost impossible to believe.

Kohlschreiber was up 3-0 in the third and he appeared to be on his way to victory. But then Djokovic rose his game and took the 4-3 lead.

To make a long story short Kohlschreiber came back to take the 5-4 lead in the third and had triple match point on Djokovis' serve. That pretty much meant game, set, match.

Or did it.

Djokovic manned up and then won the next three points to send it to deuce and eventually won the game. The match went to a tiebreak and the cream rose to the top as Djokovic won the match in three grueling sets.

Three freakin match points!?!?!?

Your winners for Tuesday are on:

4* William & Mary (plus 8 1/2) at North Carolina.

2* South Florida (minus 3 1/2) vs. NC State.

A terrible call on the 3* Pistons on Monday as that team is truly a disgrace.

Can you say reputation? That is exactly what this line from Chapel Hill is based on, the names of the teams playing the game.

To get quite possibly the better team plus almost double digits is awesome! The Tribe are a team that had a great year but it's not a fluke at all. Tony Shaver's squad is really good. They beat Maryland, Wake Forest and Richmond, won 12 games in the Colonial and went to the Conference championship game.

I understand that the Colonial is far from being on the level of the ACC, even if the ACC is somewhat down but teams like Old Dominion, VCU and Northwestern are pretty darn solid and could hang with all of the ACC teams and that includes Duke at times.

Roy Williams' boys have been dreadful this season. Sure they are the more talented of the two teams but can the Heels really give a darn today? There were a ton of expectations this season after winning it all last year and now they are playing in the NIT against "William & Mary"? Come on, this team has played with little emotion all season long and today will once again just go through the motions.

Tyler Zeller is starting to play very very well and should dominate down low but after 40 minutes I will gladly back the visitors in this spot as Carolina stinks.

South Florida at home is always very good and we have seen that once again this season. Stan Heath's squad has been great this year compared to what the program has been in the past. Things truly are good down in south Forida as the Bulls may not be an elite Big East team but they are now on the level where they have a great shot at home against any of those teams, even the upper eschelon ones.

Dominique Jones is a star and Gilchrist and a few others form a solid nucleus.

Sidney Lowe's team just looked very good in the ACC Tournament winning a few games in upset fashion and then almost beating Georgia Tech in the semifinals. I like what the Wolfpack have with Horner and Smith and Gonzalez and Degand but I just do not see this being a good spot for them. I think NC State blew their wad a bit in the tournament and now is going to be in for a bit of a letdown.

We have seen the 'Pack look really good at times, just ask Duke about that, but have also watched Lowe's team look head scratchingly terrible and underachieve mightily. After the quality run last week I now see the bad team showing up in this spot as that would be par for their course.

Back the Rambling Wreck from Georgia Tech Against the Horrific Heels!

  • Thursday, March 11, 2010 12:05 AM
  • Written By: Jonathan Cash


Your "Bad Beat" for Wednesday is on:

Weber State (minus 3 1/2) vs. Montana.

Weber State was the small favorite and had doubled up Montana at the half 40-20. Now let's be honest here this game was over.

Or not.

Anthony Johnson went ballistic and poured in 34 of his game high 42 points for the Grizzlies in the final 20 minutes and the impossible happened. Montana came all the way back and won the game 66-65 to capture the Big Sky title and an automatic berth in the NCAA tournament.

Oh and by the way Johnson netted his team's final 21 points of the game and broke the tournament record with the 42 points.

Up 20 freakin points, are you kidding me!?!?!?

Your winners for Thursday are on:

4* Georgia Tech (minus 3 1/2) vs. North Carolina.

3* Memphis (minus 6) vs. Houston.

2* Indiana (plus 8) vs. Northwestern.

Yet another winning day on Wednesday as the 4* play on Iowa State came through in the end thanks to a backdoor three with 19 seconds to go. I do have to say thanks for not fouling after that Cyclones, I owe you one!

North Carolina is a team that has shown absolutely nothing for the last two months and even in their home state should continue to show a whole lot of nothing. There is no more disappointing team in all of college basketball this season than the Tar Heels. They do have talent with Ginyard, Zeller and others and a Hall of Fame coach in Roy Williams but it just hasn't mattered. Sure Ed Davis is out but this team was fading away before that injury.

Georgia Tech has not been impressive themselves of late losing five of their last seven and limping into this thing but Paul Hewitt's team is square on that bubble and has to win the game. Derrick Favors is a great Freshman who has continued to improve and will dominate the boards alongside Gani Lawal.

The Yellow Jackets are a desperate team that has been playing better than their fate of late as they lost on buzzer beaters at both Miami and Maryland and is a team with a whole lot of talent and a high ceiling.

Look for the Jackets to look like the team that wants this game more and for them to take care of business going away against a bad team wearing uniforms that say "North Carolina" on them.

Josh Pastner's Memphis Tigers are certainly not the same team in any aspect as John Calipari's Memphis Tigers were but do not belittle this current squad. There is still a bunch of athletes and talented players on this team like Witherspoon, Williams, Sallie, Mack and Kemp and 13-3 in Conference USA is still not too shabby even if it is three more losses than usual.

Houston is a solid team but nothing more. The Cougars last week did beat the Tigers but that was at home, which makes a world of difference, and that will set up a matter of revenge today for Memphis. Plus Houston may have some wobbly legs after the win yesterday over East Carolina and it's never great to play a back-to-back no less against a team that can run the court which Memphis can.

I'm not calling this a 20 point burial but the Tigers in the end will win by double digits as they have everything going for them, everything.

No matter how much better some teams are than others there are certain squad that are not built to be heavy favorites and that is the exact case here with Northwestern.

Tom Crean's Hoosiers are miserable and a team that has pretty much packed it in. But just the other day they were able to muster something and at home beat the Wildcats in overtime. I don't expect that to happen again because John Shurna and the boys from Northwestern are definitely the superior team of these two making me believe that lightning striking twice is unlikely but Northwestern is just not a team that wins games going away, no matter what their opponent is like.

The Hoosiers are going to play the young kids to see what's there going forward andf that turned out to be a pretty good strategy in that last rare win.

Let's also not foget how this game is in Indianapolis which can only be a good thing here in this spot.

Northwestern is probably too good in the end in this revenge spot today but I'm backing the dog and daring the Wildcats to do enough offensively to beat me.

What Happened to The Scoring!?!?!?

  • Tuesday, December 1, 2009 9:35 AM
  • Written By: Jonathan Cash


Your "Bad Beat" for Monday is on:

Patriots (total of 56 1/2) at New Orleans.

I'm sure most of you saw the game and if not I'm sure you saw all of the hoopla over and over and over again on that four lettered network. Points were aplenty and the over really never seemed in doubt. The Saints were scoring at will and quickly and the Patriots had 10 points at the break as they trailed 24-10.

Then less than six minutes into the third quarter the score was 31-17 meaning that a touchdown and a field goal in almost a full half of football would put this thing over that total.

But it just didn't happen.

Marques Colston caught Drew Brees' fifth touchdown pass of the night midway through the fourth quarter and that was it.

Final score: 38-17.

My oh my!

Your winners for Tuesday are on:

3* Virginia Tech (minus 2 1/2) at Iowa.

2* North Carolina (minus 2 1/2) vs. Michigan State.

A bad loser on the 3* Patriots on Monday as the last three days have been crap, flat out crap!

A couple of college basketball plays for today and I feel pretty good about them.

The bigger one comes from Iowa where the awful Hawkeyes are going to get their doors blown off. People still do not understand how bad this Iowa team is this season and the oddsmakers have not adjusted accordingly.

Virginia Tech is not going to win the NCAA Tournament and is not much better than average but the Hokies do have a stud in Malcolm Delaney and are just on a level well above this Iowa team.

Todd Lickliter's team lost basically all of their talent as they transferred after last season. This team right now is awful and has looked awful. They have lost at home already to teams that should not even be on the court with them.

Seth Greenberg is a quality coach and he will have Tech ready to go today as they roll with relative ease.

Michigan State is clearly the more experienced and quite possibly the more talented team right now when compared to North Carolina. Plus the Spartans also have a matter of revenge after getting killed twice against Roy Williams' squad last season including in the National Championship game. But I don't care.

The Tar Heels are young but they are also still loaded with talent and at home are just too cheap of a favorite today. Ed Davis and Tyler Zeller and Marcus Ginyard and Deon Thompson do not form nearly as quality of a team as last season but these guys are still total studs that are up and coming and at home should win this game.

Tom Izzo has a stacked club this season as a ton of talent returns. The Spartans have a great shot to win the Big Ten Title and can win this game. But not many teams go to Chapel Hill and actually walk off of the court as a winner. It could happen here but I'm going to go with the trend and back the Heels at home at this dirt cheap price.