Texas' McCoy Responds To Challenge

  • Thursday, November 5, 2009 2:45 PM
  • Written By: Jonathan Crowl


There was no question whose game it was to win or lose last Saturday between Texas and Oklahoma State. Colt McCoy was the man of the hour, the one with Heisman and BCS Title hopes resting squarely on his performance. And after a 41-14 victory -- after he passed, ran, and led his team to not just a win, but a convincing one -- there's no doubt that McCoy is a Heisman front-runner entering the all-important November.

It's too early to pencil Texas into the BCS Title Game, but if any team has a clear path to an undefeated season, it's the Longhorns. Their regular-season schedule is filled with heavy underdogs, and the conference title game probably won't present much of a challenge the way it could decide the conference title game representative in the SEC. On second thought, pencils come with erasers. Go ahead and put down Texas in this year's national championship game.

This week: 6-0 overall, 6-0 Big 12

Overall: 52-20, 20-6 Big 12


Texas A&M 35, Iowa State 10: Texas A&M gets a win it badly needed and does so in style. The Aggies surpassed 500 offensive yards and played an efficient game that kept their punter out of the game. The Cyclones did fine for their part, given who and what they are. Both teams are just one game from bowl eligibility.

Texas Tech 42, Kansas 21: The Jayhawks tried to give Tech a run for their money, even taking a quick lead in the game, but the Red Raiders put it together with enough time to amass 42 on Kansas. Pretty good for an offense undergoing some rare struggles, even if it came against an overrated defense.

Oklahoma 42, Kansas State 30: If you're Kansas State, you've got to be happy about the way it battled, falling behind by 21 early but clawing back to within five points in the second half. If you're Oklahoma, you take the win over an upstart team that habitually plays you close, and you breathe easy. Because the way things are going in Manhattan, games against the silver-and-purple are only going to get tougher.

Texas 41, Oklahoma State 14: Texas should spend the next few games working on its running game. It's dangerously one-dimensional. As great a player as McCoy is, if he's the leading rusher with 34 yards, top teams -- say Florida or Alabama -- will find a way to neutralize the passing game, and the offense with it.

Missouri 36, Colorado 17: The Tigers got back on the right track against Colorado, and the defense continued to show improvement over last year, forcing four turnovers and collecting eight sacks. The Buffs continued to look miserable, but there's a silver lining: If they kick it into high gear and get on a win streak, they might be able to hit the 10-win mark before October 2010.

Nebraska 20, Baylor 10: Cody Green's first start for Nebraska started fast, but the final three quarters of the game showed little departure from Nebraska's offensive struggles of the past few weeks. They need a healthy Roy Helu Jr. and to utilize Green's running skills. Credit to Jarred Crick, who set a Nebraska record with five sacks.

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