Seven Big 12 Bowl Bids On The Line

  • Friday, November 6, 2009 4:36 PM
  • Written By: Jonathan Crowl


Depending on how things shake out, we could see 10 bowl-eligible teams in the Big 12 this year. Texas, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech have already reached or passed the six-win mark needed for bowl eligibility, while seven teams enter this weekend with five wins.

It's a particularly big week in the Big 12 North, where all six teams are within one loss of each other and the majority have significant challenges this weekend. The Big 12 South is less dynamic, with Tech off, Texas playing a non-conference game and the other four teams taking on North Division foes.

The picks:

Central Florida at Texas: My favorite part of this game is that it's playing second fiddle to Marcus Jordan's shoes on the Florida sports pages. Will Air Jordan provide signature football cleats for the game? Doubtful, though it wouldn't make a difference in a Texas romp.

Kansas at Kansas State: It's a huge game, in my mind -- as significant as Oklahoma-Texas. Why? Kansas State can run its mark to 4-2 and bury overrated Kansas at 1-4 in conference play with a win. That, with a Nebraska loss to Oklahoma, would give Kansas State a huge lead in the Big 12 North race. This team's gotten better all season, and I think the energy in Manhattan is going to be at a new level for a lot of the players. Wildcats win.

Texas A&M at Colorado: The division models for inconsistency meet in this game, but there's no way Jerrod Johnson is going to succumb to Colorado, even if they come out of the gate like Gerald Ford in a potato sack race.

Baylor at Missouri: The Tigers have to approach every game as a must-win to salvage any of their goals for the season. Baylor comes at a good time. The Bears play respectably against a Nebraska offense that's coming apart at the hinges, but they won't be so lucky this time.

Oklahoma State at Iowa State: The bigger story is that they refused to let Dez Bryant return this season. Just another reason to hate the NCAA's politics. Honestly, for all the great things college football has done for itself in its ascension to the top tier of popular sports, the NCAA sure knows how to kick the sport in the nuts. Cowboys win.

Oklahoma at Nebraska: A friend said it best: Nebraska's defense will play well, but they're going to get exhausted when all the Husker offense can manage is three-and-outs for the whole game. We don't even know Nebraska's starting quarterback this game, so it's hard to know how they will come out, but like the last month of Nebraska football you should expect a slow grind that wears the Blackshirts out. By the end of the third, Oklahoma will probably look like a runaway train. I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt I am.

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Keep picking Texas,rest of your pics not so good!!!!!!!!!!!