5 Totally Reliable MLB Trade Rumors

  • Monday, July 18, 2011 11:38 AM
  • Written By: Andrew Simon


During trade deadline season, a baseball fan hears and reads more rumors than an Us Weekly reporter. It’s fun, exhausting and even a little scary -- if you’re worried your GM might, say, mortgage your team’s future for a relief pitcher.

What’s more, these rumors actually come to fruition at a much lower rate than Adam Dunn makes contact these days. With that in mind, here are five that are about as likely as any others, courtesy of a trusted baseball source.*

Giants trade minor league OF Gary Brown to Astros for 2B Craig Biggio.
The Giants need some infield help, and GM Brian Sabean loves veterans like Brian Wilson loves attention. Usually Sabean contents himself with long-in-the-tooth players, but look for him to explore a new frontier here: players so long-in-the-tooth, they retired four years ago. Sensing an opportunity, the Astros bring Biggio out of retirement and deal him for Brown, a good outfield prospect who admittedly has 3,060 fewer major league hits than Biggio. Despite the long layoff, Biggio outhits Aubrey Huff the rest of the way.

Brewers trade minor leaguers P Mark Rogers, P Cody Scarpetta, P Wily Peralta, IF Scooter Gennett, OF Kentrail Davis, P Tyler Thornburg, IF Eric Farris, P Jimmy Nelson, P Kyle Heckathorn and P Amaury Rivas to Dodgers for IF Jamey Carroll and P Mike MacDougal.
We’re still about two weeks away from the deadline and already we have been informed 3,000 times that the Brewers are going “all-in” for this year. But if that’s the case, just paying for K-Rod’s services isn’t enough. GM Doug Melvin must trade like there’s no next year, hence this deal, which sends the team’s top 10 prospects (according to Baseball America’s pre-season rankings) to the Dodgers for some infield help and an extra bullpen arm. The Brewers then shut down their farm system.

Athletics trade a player to be named later to the White Sox for IF Mark Teahen; trade OF Coco Crisp, P Brandon McCarthy and P Craig Breslow to the Yankees for OF Nick Swisher.
The Moneyball movie opens Sept. 23. Since, as we all know, A’s GM Billy Beane wrote the book and the screenplay and directed the film, he has every incentive to promote it. He will do so by getting some of the old gang back together, swinging two separate deals for members of the team’s 2002 draft class discussed in the book. Asked why he did not also contact the Giants about Miguel Tejada and Barry Zito, Beane does a spit take onto his spreadsheet and says, “Geez, I’m not THAT desperate.”

Mariners trade P Felix Hernandez, P Brandon League to Phillies for minor leaguers 1B/OF Jonathan Singleton, P Jarred Cosart, P Trevor May, C Sebastian Valle.
Oh, the horror! With Roy Oswalt sidelined indefinitely, the Phillies’ rotation features only three aces. This will not stand. GM Ruben Amaro springs into action and finds a partner in the Mariners, who back in 2009 dealt prospects to Philly for Cliff Lee. This time, the ace heads the other direction along with some relief help. The Phillies take a sigh of relief, knowing they can slide Cole Hamels back into the No. 4 spot in the rotation, where he clearly belongs. Informed that he now will be supported offensively by the likes of Chase Utley and Shane Victorino, King Felix reacts this way

Yankees trade 1B Mark Teixeira and cash to Pirates for 1B Lyle Overbay.
“I just think it’s so cool what the Pirates are doing this year,” Yankees GM Brian Cashman said. “I know we’re also in a pennant race, but like, we’re in a pennant race every year. Teixeira is great, but he would mean so much more to Pittsburgh than he would to us. Plus, I’m just so tired of everyone calling us the “Evil Empire” and such, so I thought it was time to do a good deed.” Despite solid production from Teixeira, the Pirates still miss the playoffs. Meanwhile, Cashman disappears about five minutes after giving that quote to reporters and is never seen again.

*My baseball source: a baseball I keep on my desk that talks to me. His name is Jasper.

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