Athlete Tweets Review 05/15/10

  • Saturday, May 15, 2010 11:18 PM
  • Written By: Stanley Kay


Tony Gonzalez
"The #Falcons won again 50-6. Let keep it rolling. Time to celebrate!! Its my little boys flag football team for those that don't know haha."

How I See It: Yeah I was going to say, there’s no way the real Falcons’ secondary can hold any offense to 6 points.

Kirk Morrison
"Man I've been down at the beach all day and I can say that I'm excited to be a Jaguar. These Jag fans have shown me so much love its crazy."

How I See It: All four of them.

Jay Feely
"This evening defines what it means to be a Michigan Man! True wealth is not defined by what you have but rather what you can give."

How I See It: Or for Rich Rodriguez, it’s what you can take away from the program, like tradition and records.

Eric Wright
"The Jonas Brothers got these lil girls passin out and losing shoes n cameras n shhh.. Its crazy round here. I jus wanted to eat n c a movie"

How I See It: The proper plural form for the Jonas Brothers: the “Joni.”

Kurt Warner
"@BeanieWells26 Hey kid... you been working on those pass routes? I remember you telling me you were pretty good at them? We'll see!"

How I See It: Kurt’s gone….Boldin’s traded…’s the Leinart to Beanie hookup in 2010 for the Cards’ aerial attack!

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