Athlete Tweets Review 05/17/10

  • Monday, May 17, 2010 7:45 PM
  • Written By: Stanley Kay


Natasha Hastings

How I See It: Not sure if she’s talking about Jack Bauer or Kobe Bryant. And I’m not sure which one is more likely to be eliminated either.

Kassim Osgood
"I think im the only person on Twitter to lose 3 followers in 3 weeks, but still have the same total! Lol!!!"

How I See It: Wait, so you lost 3 but you added 3 at the same time? I’m really confused. No wonder you lost 3 followers (but gained 3 too?).

Apolo Ohno
"Never say never"

How I See It: And yet you just said it twice. The ultimate paradox, and dumbest expression ever.

Charlie Villanueva
"Aight budtweets, I'm on the road again. Catch ya later. Peace."

How I See It: If you’re taking the road out of Detroit, can you take your massive contract with you? Thanks.

Ray Rice
"I'm wost than a lil kid just spilled my whole salad on myself smh"

How I See It: And you know Ray meant to spill his salad, of course.

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