Athlete Tweets Review 08/23/10

  • Tuesday, August 24, 2010 5:43 AM
  • Written By: Stanley Kay


Kevin Weekes
"We had a great dinner at The Cliff,rated among the Top 50 restaurants in the world,please check it out if you have a minute."

How I See It: A minute? Now that’s fast food.

Michael Huff
"This rookie show might be the worst I've ever seen...smh"

How I See It: There’s only so much talent to go around in Oakland.

Kerry Rhodes
"@OfficialBraylon steroids huh?"

How I See It: Oh so that’s how Braylon’s beard got so big.

Reggie Evans
"we going to with the big ten this year. BLACK AND GOLD."

How I See It: I hope he’s not talking about Purdue.

Lindsey Berg
"Not even gonna lie...I am having a hard time watching this..."

How I See It: Me too, watching Matt Leinart and Derek Anderson run the Cardinals offense is actually unbearable.

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Athlete Tweets Review 12/16/09

  • Wednesday, December 16, 2009 6:48 PM
  • Written By: Larry Yee


Shaun Phillips
"If people can't text and drive then woman shouldn't b able to put on make up while there driving. True statement. Lol.s"

How I See It: And men. Trust me, I've seen that.

C.J. Wilson
"Tiger wins "athlete of decade" from AP, "pimp of the year" by smooth magazine and "customer of the week" at hooters. Focus off economy!"

How I See It: And people said he was done...

Michael Waltrip
"im hosting a Christmas party at my house. josh grobin playing on the stereo, michael buble on deck. this feels like a night to remember"

How I See It: Nothing says party night like some love ballads.

Tommy Lasorda
" - I'm 82 years old and they still pitch around me."

How I See It: They pitch around you cause your gut blocks the plate.

Lindsey Berg
"Watching New Moon..."

How I See It: Get ready for a sparkly joke fest for a movie.

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