Tweets By Drew Brees, Tim Tebow And More

  • Tuesday, December 28, 2010 3:32 PM
  • Written By: Jeffrey Eisenband


John Wall
"DM's ONLY | #2010 is almost over!! Confess something u always wanted 2 tell me (100% PRIVATE)"

How I See It: Can you please teach me how to Dougie the way you did on opening night? (See YouTube clip here.)

Blake Griffin
""The competitor to be feared the most is one who never worries about others but goes on making himself better all the time""

How I See It: Okay, Blake. I get the idea, but you have to understand that not everyone has a four-foot vertical.

Drew Brees
"Just got back from Monday Nighter. Great win for the Who Dat Nation. It was great seeing so many Saints fans in the Georgia Dome"

How I See It: And seeing everyone forget about your two late interceptions ...

Mark Cuban
"How Dancing with the Stars Voting Works = Why Bristol Pallin Could Win Easily: First, let me say the scoring pro..."

How I See It: A team of 30-something-year-old veterans=Why the Mavs will have a strong regular season, but burn out in the playoffs.

Steve Smith
"Lakers stink like baby poop lol"

How I See It: Coming from the man who sat on the Giants' sideline the past two weeks ...

Anquan Boldin
"Great win today! We want to see everyone out next week Purpling Out M&T Bank Stadium to close out the regular season!"

How I See It: After all the chaos he caused in Phoenix, dude got out at the right time.

Tim Tebow
"Luke 2:10-11 GB²"

How I See It: The secret's out, Tim. We know you're God. You can stop trying to fool us with the bible verses now.

Tony Parker
"hey everybody another great win last night now the LAKERS cant wait!!!salut bonne victoire hier maintenant les lakers!!!"

How I See It: Tiger Woods just called. He wants private lessons on how to focus after committing adultery.

Roger Clemens

How I See It: I have a feeling this Twitter account won't end well.

LeBron James
"Rick Ross new mixtape ASHES TO ASHES DIRTY CLEAN @maybachmusicgrp #Rosey"

How I See It: How ironic considering you "Rick Rossed" an entire country.

Athlete Tweets Review 01/13/10

  • Wednesday, January 13, 2010 6:09 PM
  • Written By: Stanley Kay


Drew Brees
"Remember, Blackout the Dome with your Finish Strong shirt. The official players shirt says, "Our City, Our Home" then "Finish Strong""

How I See It: “Finish strong”…..yeah, the Saints definitely finished strong this year with those home losses to the Cowboys and Bucs. Definitely.

Al Horford
"Play the Wizards tonite at 7. Let's get it"

How I See It:(insert Arenas/Crittenton gun joke here)

Trent Shelton
"If your tweet isnt "Retweeted" by at least one person probably shouldnt say it cuz NOBODY cares!"

How I See It:This might be the best way to alienate your entire base of followers.

Renee Montgomery
"#randomfact Brad Pitt has been smoking since the sixth grade"

How I See It: Telling kids that Brad Pitt has been smoking since sixth grade is probably not the best way to prevent them from smoking.

Kevin Weekes
"Tweeters, I'll take the first 10 questions from minor hockey goalies and or parents,and adult rec goalies for tips,insights on the posistion"

How I See It: I’m sure the amount of tweets by minor league hockey goalies and their parents completely overwhelmed Kevin as soon as his tweet was sent out.

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