Tweets By Tiger Woods, Steve Nash, Graeme McDowell And More

  • Tuesday, May 17, 2011 10:00 PM
  • Written By: Jeffrey Eisenband


Carlos Delgado
"un dia de estos va a parar de llover...."
How I See It: Translation: One day, I was a superstar. The next, I was a Met.

Tiger Woods
"Bummed that my left leg has me on the sidelines, but I want, and expect, to be at the US Open. Will do all I can to get there."
How I See It: Tiger should come to the next few tournaments in a suit like an injured NBA player.

Nate Robinson
"Man ull flip ur cheese bra lol #WorDaApP #swag-swag RT @Rico_swagged_up: @nate_robinson @KendallKjear I got my rent money on Nate Lmao"
How I See It: No idea what that all means, but just give the ball to Kevin Durant and everything will be okay.

Steve Nash
"RT @MR_RETWEET_: Im so done wit the suns! The ceo jus announce he's gay.@stevenash please leave(Perfect example of how we still need to grow"
How I See It: Did Steve Nash really just a retweet a comment about how the Suns should get rid of him and rebuild? Is nobody in the Phoenix front office panicking yet?

Graeme McDowell
"Oops. That was not the day I wanted. Bogied 6 and 7 and went completely flat. Chased it and couldn't make it happen. Onwards and upwards."
How I See It: Thanks, Captain Obvious.

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Tweets By Steve Nash, Mike Tyson, Tiger Woods And More

  • Tuesday, May 3, 2011 9:47 PM
  • Written By: Jeffrey Eisenband


Shawne Merriman
"Guy just asked me about the lockout like I know wth is going on your guess is as good as mine bud #NFL"
How I See It: You said the same thing about PED testing...

Mike Tyson
"The principles of Islam are peace & love. Please don't confuse Osama's views as the view of Muslims."
How I See It: I could be wrong, but didn't this guy bite off part of another dude's ear (while fist-fighting him)?

Tiger Woods
"Big night at the tables with Mayer. He's cool. We both walked away winners."
How I See It: This should help your image.

Steve Nash
"Since we caught Osama do I still have to take my laptop out at security?"
How I See It: What do you mean by "we?" I didn't know Canadians were considered Americans too, eh.

Matthew Barnaby
"Man that ovie is terrible when he gets a little space!!"
How I See It: Coming from the ultimate scorer himself...

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Tweets By Alexander Ovechkin, Dwight Howard, John Calipari And More

  • Tuesday, March 29, 2011 3:12 PM
  • Written By: Jeffrey Eisenband


Dwight Howard
"Tough game. Dang melo. U had to catch fire."

How I See It: And play moderate defense for the first time as a Knick.

Eric Maynor

How I See It: The success of a college basketball team proves that their city is great? Who knew?

John Calipari
"Stopped in w/my dad & visited w/the Knights of the Horseshoe of Wisdom at Wheeler's this morning."

How I See It: I guess you aren't referring to Brandon Knight's family...

Alexander Ovechkin
"Country BBQ time hahahaha with my best friends!misha and olga..."

How I See It: With teeth like that, I have no idea how Alex eats.

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Tweets By Tiger Woods, Joe Maddon, Jalen Rose And More

  • Tuesday, March 22, 2011 5:16 PM
  • Written By: Jeffrey Eisenband


Stuart Holden
"Just had a sincere phone call from Jonny Evans wishing me the best in my recovery, def wasn't intentional, just unfortunate part of the game"

How I See It: Evans only ruined the best season an American has ever had in the Premier League. No big deal. Don't be a pushover, Stu. Toughen up!

Tiger Woods
"First win of the year, unfortunately it was against @jimmyfallon"

How I See It: Congrats. Would you consider this win No. 2? Charlie Sheen sure would.

Danilo Gallinari
"Having lunch..son adre a mangia'..."

How I See It: Translation: It doesn't take a brain surgeon to know I play better defense than Carmelo Anthony.

Joe Maddon
"Props to the Brignac family's gumbo. They are cooking cajun for the ballclub's pregame meal today."

How I See It: Somebody tell Reid Brignac that Jason Barlett's gone and he can stop brown-nosing the coach. He's got the shortstop job.

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Tweets By Tiger Woods, LeBron James And More

  • Tuesday, November 30, 2010 2:46 PM
  • Written By: Jeffrey Eisenband


Tiger Woods
"Getting a lesson in @ replies here it goes.."

How I See It: Tiger taking a lesson? Okay, now we know it isn't actually him tweeting.

Larry Fitzgerald
"??The Ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort & convenience,but where he (cont)"

How I See It: So, in other words, we should not measure your career based on your four Pro Bowl appearances, but rather if you can ever find success after Kurt Warner's retirement?

Nate Robinson
"I'm n Cleveland bored outta my witz #WordAApp! Anybody know if it's anything to do? Anybody cooking would love a home cooked meal #WordAApp!"

How I See It: I guarantee you there's a LeBron James jersey burning within a three-block radius if you want entertainment.

Dez Bryant
"I'm wanting to watch twilight eclipse on a website..anyone know any websites?"

How I See It: Dez, I know it's been a tough rookie season, but this is a little too low even for someone on a 3-8 team.

Curtis Granderson
"happy 41st birthday Mariano Rivera!!!"

How I See It: This will make the Yankees think twice about a multi-year deal.

Roddy White
"I can't believe tht wideout blame good for dropping a ball I have dropped a lot of balls and never once thought it was god fault"

How I See It: Okay, so Matt Ryan isn't god. Check him off the list.

Ozzie Guillen
"Hard work put u in nice situation my fat boy"

How I See It: Your previous tweet, "Juan uribe 3 years iam proud uribe great job buddy," was just a tad sweeter.

John Calipari
"That's a first. I can never remember a time when she chose my game over something for Erin, Megan or Brad. Have a wonderful birthday!"

How I See It: A perfect example of why Coach Cal is such a good recruiter. Nobody could care even the slightest bit whether or not Calipari's wife goes to the game tonight, but the fact that he updates his page every 30 minutes with useless information gets him "in" with teenagers.

Steven Jackson
"Ok.. So I look out my hotel room and see someone swimming in the pool. Then I look left and see ppl ice skating.. I'm confused."

How I See It: Denver's a weird city, my friend.

LeBron James
"It's just 2 easy!! I smell a blowout"

How I See It: "Maybe I led you to believe it was easy, when it wasn't." -- Michael Jordan.

Athletes Tweet Review 10/27/10

  • Wednesday, October 27, 2010 3:12 PM
  • Written By: Jesse Heussner


Roger Mason Jr.
"Almost that time...Let's Go NYK!!!!!"

How I See It: Hate to break it to Mase, but he’s getting hyped for two hours of pine. Shooting 30 percent in the preseason will do that to you.

John Calipari
"You know you're in a good place when you walk into a school and the librarian has Kentucky all over her office."

How I See It: Did the librarian cheat on her SAT’s too? (Sorry, that was harsh.)

Andy Roddick
"so if most girls dress like strippers on halloween, what do strippers dress as?"

How I See It: Brooklyn Decker?

Charlie Villanueva
"It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday, last week, last month or last year - today we overcome our challenges. Let's go to work Detroit."

How I See It: Ah, nothing like an opening night game against the Nets to get your hopes up.

C.J. Wilson
"Today is the day...that I go eat pancakes"

How I See It:Finally, someone with something logical to say.

Terrence Williams
"Just left the gym hope everyone day is going well, ill be giving out at lease 6 tickets today yessir season opener #wordaapp"

How I See It: Tickets!? Terrence Williams must be selling the farm, considering Nets tickets are starting as low as 39 cents for opening night. (Seriously, check StubHub)

Athlete Tweets Review 10/12/10

  • Tuesday, October 12, 2010 8:58 PM
  • Written By: Jeffrey Eisenband


John Calipari
"On my way 2 Urban Active in Bellevue. Should b there b4 6 pm - running a bit late but can't wait to sign books. Stop by if u are in the area"

How I See It: You think you’ll get away with making “books” the code word for recruits? Creative, but I don’t think so!

Matthew Barnaby
"Btw he lives across the street , I like him, and am bringing soup right now! If he didn't get hurt there would be no suspension"

How I See It: Bringing a neighbor soup? Is this the same guy who had 2,562 career penalty minutes?

DeMar DeRozan
"Overly Dedicated...."

How I See It: Yeah true, man. You must have been putting in way too much effort to average 8.6 points and 0.7 assists last season. Tone down the work.

Arian Foster
"Dear fantasy footballers...perfection is unobtainable..."

How I See It: Yeah, we kind of figured that one out. Next year, don’t mislead us with another unArian Foster-esque Week 1 performance.

Mike Thomas
"The signing was Superb!! lotta buzz rolling wit us Jags let's keep it going and get a win on MNF"

How I See It: I’m glad it went well. All 80 Jaguars fans must have showed up.

Pierre Thomas
"thanks for all the support and prayers from my family, fans and friends...I'm working hard to get back on the field w my teammates #saints"

How I See It: Good, Drew Brees needs you for those three handoffs per game. The Saints also need your French name for marketing purposes.

Hunter Pence
"Foul tips that are caught are live balls."

How I See It: I mean ... that’s just not true.

Terrell Owens
"AY!! Can yall believe Chad just called me 2 play him 1 on 1 basketball after i just waxed him yesterday! we played 4 gms, I won 3-1."

How I See It: Yes, we can believe that you guys act like teenagers. We have all watched the immaturity of you two over the past ten years. Risking injury in four games of one-on-one during an off-day does not surprise anybody.

Chad OchoCinco Johnson

How I See It: Well, somebody’s being a sore loser.

LeBron James
"They keep taking bout the same thing over and over!!!"

How I See It: Don’t act like it’s everyone else’s fault. You asked for this. You played the whole free agent thing up for a few years and then organized “The Decision” special. Now suck it up, LeBron. Some village in Akron is missing its idiot.

Athlete Tweets Review 08/27/10

  • Friday, August 27, 2010 2:00 PM
  • Written By: Ben Atlas


Blake Griffin
"The greater danger for most men lies, not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but setting our aim too low and achieving the mark"

How I See It: I'm pretty sure the greater danger for you was getting drafted by the Clippers.

Andre Iguodala
"Actually the context I used it in, I spelled it right... I think I'm einstien, english major... I can spell, player hater! @tonyatea"

How I See It: I'd like to see you spell "Krzyzewski" for your Team USA teammates or "Jrue Holiday" for your 76ers teammates. But first, try spelling "Einstein" correctly.

Andy Murray
"Breakfast=bagel, an omlette, yoghurt and fruit. If your interested. Which you might not be."

How I See It: Yeah, not interested. While we're on the subject of food, though, here's a tip: When you're in New York for the U.S. Open, make sure Rex Ryan doesn't come by and steal your food.

John Calipari
"Do I need to start teaching how to drive along with the Dribble Drive?"

How I See It: I bet Tyreke Evans wishes you did when you guys were still at Memphis.

Michael Huff
"My parents need to hurry up and get here so they can go grocery shoppin, cook, and clean my place"

How I See It: When you're a Raider, you regress not only as a football player, but as a person too.

Serena Williams
"Hey guys slow twitter day....."

How I See It: Tell me about it.

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Athlete Tweets Review 08/17/10

  • Tuesday, August 17, 2010 8:31 PM
  • Written By: Jacob Feldman


Kevin Weekes
"RT @justinbieber Yo chillin with @kevinweekes NHL goalie.. Hes tight! follow him."

How I See It: In related news, Weekes gained 7,000 followers today, but lost even more respect.

Warren Sapp
"Wake Up U Mean?? Proof reading Is a Must!! Smdh RT @j_holland7: Walk up and get on your feet and let's do something great and unique"

How I See It: Warren Sapp, by far the scariest officer in the Grammar Police Squad.

Joe Haden
"Just finished the first practice!! We got better 2day!!!"

How I See It: Reminder: You are the Browns, you can only get better. It would have been noteworthy had the team proven the theory that they could possibly get worse.

John Calipari
"We now have Crazy Bandz available. Collect, trade, enjoy: ^DP"

How I See It: Bracelets the shape of John Calipari? This has officially gotten way out of hand, no pun intended.

Bryant McKinnie
"Just left the locker room, oh & i ran n2 a old friend when i was leaving. Lol! figure it out!"

How I See It: I think he's talking about Brett Favre? Favre's back. Let the mania begin ... again.

Joe Nemechek
"Looks like Brett's answer may be coming today. Get in your final vote on the poll on #nascar #fb"

How I See It: Great, even NASCAR driver Joe Nemechek is doing his part to cover Favre ad nauseam.

Chad Ochocinco
"OCNN: Droid X Owners, my app is available in the Android Market by searching "Ochocinco" #android #motorola #ochocinco"

How I See It: Oh boy, another medium on which I can follow the fascinating life of Chad Ochocinco. I've got to get this now! Thanks for reading.

Athlete Tweets Review 08/10/10

  • Tuesday, August 10, 2010 5:48 PM
  • Written By: Kenny Legan


Darnell Dockett
"Holy shit My coach got us in full pads! This is like X-mas in august whoop whoop I'm bout to go slap joey porter and get him pissed off 2day"

How I See It: I wish I could Tweet that.

John Calipari
"Two guys going at each other and trying to knock each other out of the circle. What a great way to start a practice!"

How I See It: Didn't know Calipari had the capabilities to Tweet while fighting the NCAA.

Jay Feely
"I knew when he was a rookie that Matt Schaub would be one of the better QB's some day. He is dilligent, smart and throws a catchable ball."

How I See It: That explains it: Roethlisberger, not smart. Cutler, not diligent. Romo, can't hold a placekick. Ryan Leaf, D) none of the above.

Michael Huff
"The lakers beating the mavs is like Ohio or uconn beatin Texas in football. @tyvonbranch @MikeMitchell34"

How I See It: Umm, what?

Anna Rawson
"Funniest facebook message I have ever received: "Much the world's golf courses please...way too way guys with big tummies""

How I See It: This is why good-looking women should be allowed on the PGA tour.

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Athlete Tweets Review 05/21/10

  • Friday, May 21, 2010 4:03 PM
  • Written By: Dallas Wright


DeMar DeRozan
"Not Afraid...."

How I See It: ... to be ambiguous.

John Calipari
"On my way to the Vitale gala tonite. Dick is passionate about charity. He's in the Hall of Fame because he's a builder not a demolition man"

How I See It: Demolition Man was a terrible movie.

Cole Aldrich
"Storms brewing in the windy city"

How I See It: Musta felt it in that missing tooth.

Amare Stoudemire
"Have you gone to Google's homepage yet today? It's Pac-Man's 30th anniversary."

How I See It: The better question is who hasn't been to Google's homepage today.

Mo Williams/a>
"Bout to get on this MLB the show"

How I See It: Should be getting on some defensive drills.

Athlete Tweets Review 04/16/10

  • Friday, April 16, 2010 4:34 PM
  • Written By: Dallas Wright


Vernon Davis
"I'm excited about Ted Ginn, let's go it's time to work! Me, crab, Josh,Ted, Alex, and Frankie g. They can't stop us!"

How I See It: I thought only fans were irrationally optimistic in April.

Patrick O'Bryant
"Im no pussy i used to pitch back in the day so im def throwin from the mound. Im think a nice curve ball to keep em honest lol."

How I See It: I'm predicting a Carl Lewis-esque effort.

David Price
"Theres a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter standing on a building. All but the quarter just off...why did the quarter not jump?"

How I See It: ...if the answer is "because he had the most sense", I'm no longer a David Price fan.

John Calipari
"The possibility of Brandon having a year of credits before he enters college is unbelievable and he also has a 4.3 GPA"

How I See It: At least he'll have a better excuse for not going to class than "I'm a basketball player."

Donte Stallworth
"Beanie Sigel verse on "Guess Who's Back" wit Scarface & Jigga goes sooooooo hard!!!"

How I See It: The man knows his music. Ironic much?

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Athlete Tweets Review 4/12/10

  • Monday, April 12, 2010 5:30 PM
  • Written By: Dallas Wright


Shaun Phillips
"#youremeber when you didn't have to pay bills cause mom and dad did. Those were the good days lol."

How I See It: Never lied about that.

John Calipari
"Long weekend recruiting and the signing period approaches. Time to add some players to the 2010-11 roster."

How I See It: Yeah, like all of the players.

Will Blackmon
"Whoa! Swat team is at 314 ashland rd. Sorry no pics. They would have def snatched me up!"

How I See It: Way to tell on yourself there.

Rick Fox
"R the Lakers healthy enough 2 repeat? Health issues crippled our team in 03 injuries arose in the playoffs. I ruptured a tendon in my _____?"

How I See It: Paging the Rick Fox Fan Club ...

Vernon Davis
"Doesn't matter what city you're in they still come find you."

How I See It: Probably should stop hanging out with Will Blackmon.

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Athlete Tweets Review 03/28/10

  • Sunday, March 28, 2010 10:50 PM
  • Written By: Larry Yee


Rod Benson
"True story RT @amclouth23: @boomtho it is a recession, you gotta keep a 'stache...#justsaying"

How I See It: Gimme some of that Tom Selleck.

John Calipari
"Congrats to Matthew and our women's team. Picked 11th in the SEC and now one win from the Final Four. Amazing job!"

How I See It: At least someone over there is having some success.

Irene Cho
"Got new moon on DVD! Woo! I know...I'm like every other teenage crazed fan..but you know what?! I DON'T CARE!"

How I See It: *Shudders*

Eric Barton
"I'm the worst call of duty player on earth"

How I See It: Yeah, but I'm sure you could toss anyone of them in real life.

Jason Thompson
"RT @jalenrose: #nbafacts. Who is better Kobe or Lebron is the most debated topic since BIG vs 2pac!"

How I See It: I don't understand why this is such a huge debate right now. One word should really end this quickly: Rings.

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Athlete Tweets Review 03/17/10

  • Wednesday, March 17, 2010 9:53 PM
  • Written By: Stanley Kay


Shaun Phillips
"About to check out this clippers game. Yes yes of course I'm Spiked out about to trip this referee. Ill be next to the clippers bench."

How I See It: Next to the Clippers bench? Why doesn’t he just move closer and join the team? They could definitely use the help.

Fabian Washington
"Kiss me im Irish. Na im not really irish but you can still kiss me."

How I See It: Fabian O’Washington.

John Calipari
"My man, Mr. Charles, has treated us like royalty and we are being stuffed w/ BBQ shrimp, escargot and an unreal split pea and shrimp soup."

How I See It:Royalty? BBQ Shrimp? Mr. Charles? Sounds like an NCAA VIOLATION!!!

Larry Fitzgerald
"I hope he does 2.He would be a great addition 2 our team RT @omfgitskami: @Lfitzgerald11 I hope Joey Porter signs with the Cards!"

How I See It: If by “great addition” you mean an “overrated player that is a huge distraction in the lockerroom,” then yes he would be a “great addition.”

Swin Cash
"In the gym @ESPN working it out! The world wide leader in sports has everything I need accept a court. Oh wait that's outside 2mor its on :)"

How I See It:How about someone to teach you some grammar? Looks like they have everything EXCEPT a court and an English teacher. I hope you ACCEPT this subtle lesson.

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