Athlete Tweets Review 09/09/10

  • Thursday, September 9, 2010 4:01 PM
  • Written By: Katie Tang


Kerron Clement
"Random: I am listenin to Christmas music haha.. I don't think I need to mention the artist, coz folks who know me know who I'm talking about"

How I See It: Well, it IS the first game of the football season. Looks like Christmas came early for us football fans at least.

Jessica Gysin
"Offices should have nap time just like in kindergarten"

How I See It: Complete with Barbie Doll blankies ... or was that just me?

Michelle Wie
"i just decided that piranhas are NOT my favorite fish."

How I See It: Watch them eat people on Spring Break in a movie while wearing 3D glasses. I swear you'll change your mind.

Paige Mackenzie
"Got a little practice in til @georgelopez stole my spot on the range. Shoot, george....thats ok, you've got a prettier swing than me"

How I See It: It's not his fault. Conan stole his spot on television. You've got to give the man something.

Kurt Warner
"Doing a Costume consultation: sequins, frills, v-necks, uggh! Welcome to the the World of Dance! Its not helmets, pads, & cups for sure! LOL"

How I See It: Sequins may not provide the same protection as football pads, but they're just as manly. Especially when they're pink.

Rick Fox
"@ the US Open last night and shared a box with The Great One #99 and his wife, an SNL comedian and a Yankee pitcher."

How I See It: Now THAT'S how you roll with an entourage. Got room for a sixth? Call me!

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Athlete Tweets Review 06/26/10

  • Sunday, June 27, 2010 3:03 AM
  • Written By: Stanley Kay


Kerron Clement
"Why is everyone in Iowa drive so slow. Feel like we are driving 150 mph right now."

How I See It: Since when is 150 miles per hour slow?

James Harden

How I See It: Summer job for James during the offseason.

Cole Aldrich
"Tornado storm warning again tonight."

How I See It: Maybe Cole will be traded again before the tornado strikes.

Brian Cushing
"Does anyone else think losing to Ghana is not ok? I mean come on we are America!"

How I See It: True. If we annex Ghana by Friday, does that mean we can play in the next round?

Ben King
"So proud to come out on top today. Had to dig super deep. Team was great."

How I See It: Somebody was rooting for Ghana.

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Athlete Tweets Review 05/20/10

  • Thursday, May 20, 2010 7:02 PM
  • Written By: Katie Tang


Trent Shelton
"thinking im about to hit houston's restaurant solo ...oh well"

How I See It: Reminds me of Rachel from Friends. I don't get why there's such a stigma about eating alone in restaurants. Everyone deserves a little alone time. I support you, Shelton!

C.J. Miles
"The first home alone is classic"

How I See It: One of my go-to holiday movies. Christmas cheer in the middle of Spring, always a good choice.

Martellus Bennett
"I wanna be a ninja turtle. WTF. How can I do this?"

How I See It: Channel your inner Vanilla Ice and do the dance from his TMNT2 movie. Classic.

Kerron Clement
"I still haven't seen Iron Man 2"

How I See It: Why are you at home tweeting about this? GO. SEE. IT. NOW. Soooo good. RDJr is a total badass.

Vince Spadea
"I just saw a guy using a pay phone. They still make those?"

How I See It: Sure they do. I'm also pretty sure the guy had the DeLorean next to him, huh?

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Athlete Tweets Review 04/20/10

  • Tuesday, April 20, 2010 7:23 PM
  • Written By: Stanley Kay


Cliff Avril
"Don't let anyone control ur happiness..."

How I See It: Shouldn’t be too difficult when you are on the Lions. There isn’t too much happiness to go around.

Bernard Berrian
"The world is a fine place, and worth fighting for. ~Earnest Hemingway. I agree with the 2nd part."

How I See It: But would Hemingway agree with how you spelled his first name?

Nick Mangold
"I can't not wait for #LOST. The Willy Wonka reference in the preview gave me the willies(no pun intended)(well maybe alittle intended)"

How I See It: Yeah I’m pretty sure that pun was very much intended.

Matt Forte
"In Natoma, Kansas it's ilegal to throw knives at men wearing striped suits! #Randomfact I always thought it was legal lol"

How I See It: And that is exactly why the Royals don’t wear pinstripes.

Kerron Clement
"#BREAKINGNEWS Lets take a moment and #SayNoToDrugs"

How I See It: It’s 4/20 today, so I’m not sure if this tweet is perfect timing or horrible timing. And I'm not sure if it is breaking news either.

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Athlete Tweets Review 03/15/10

  • Monday, March 15, 2010 4:56 PM
  • Written By: Dallas Wright


Kerron Clement
"Chipotle hits the spot right about now. Starving!"

How I See It: The man has good taste.

Lindsey Vonn
"In the big apple! It's pretty chilly and cloudy though :( I am anxious for some sun and warm temps!"

How I See It: Don't you ski for a living?

Thurman Thomas
"What a blessing it was to b given life"

How I See It: I guess it's better 40 years late than never to be grateful.

Nick Barnett
"Traffic is crazy in LA lol man!!"

How I See It: Word?

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Athlete Tweets Review 03/08/10

  • Monday, March 8, 2010 8:34 PM
  • Written By: Dallas Wright


Tyrus Thomas
"It's 67 degrees in Charlotte!!!!"

How I See It: You can really tell he'd been in Chicago for too long.

Merril Hoge
"Redskins cb Deangalo Hall will be on NFL live with us at 4 pm Espn! Called him big money when I saw him in the hall we both laughed"

How I See It: And probably at two different things.

Larry Fitzgerald
""What you are is what you have been,and what you will be is what you do now""

How I See It: I don't even think Larry caught this.

Kerron Clement
"Oh I like listening to Chipmunk versions of @MariahCarey songs #Random"

How I See It: More like #creepyashell.

Rey Maualuga
"Physical Therapy. Definitely making progress..."

How I See It: Still too soon for a DUI joke?

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Athlete Tweets Review 02/23/10

  • Tuesday, February 23, 2010 7:11 PM
  • Written By: Stanley Kay


Colby Armstrong
"watching the hockey game. Pretty good so far. One more period to go tho. 2nd intermission, gonna wrestle my 3 dogs. 3 on 1...I got this!!"

How I See It: The Colby vs. dogs wrestling match will probably be more competitive than Canada-Germany hockey.

Andrew Bogut
"#ilikedyouuntil you thought I was a Bank."

How I See It: And in this recession, being called a bank is like being called a Nazi.

Kerron Clement
"#ilikedyouuntil U open ur mouth"

How I See It: This does not seem like a very productive way to start a relationship.

Apolo Ohno
"It's raining here...I think it's quite beautiful actually. 3 more intense days to go! I am ready."

How I See It: I know this has nothing to do with the tweet, but Apolo Ohno might be the coolest name ever. Especially for an Olympian.

Frank Trigg
"Finally after several hours of curling jockey is on. Canada v Germany."

How I See It: After the devastating loss to the United States, Canadian hockey players apparently dropped their sticks to start playing a new game: jockey. Still better than curling I guess.

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Athlete Tweets Review 12/22/09

  • Tuesday, December 22, 2009 5:01 PM
  • Written By: Dallas Wright


Thurman Thomas
"If Prez B.O. Wants Health Care for everyone, then why is the Bill over 2,000 pages long.... I'm just asking"

How I See It: News flash: A lot of people live in this country.

Seth McClung
"My fellow rednecks back home in west Virginia would be proud! "

How I See It: For some reason, I doubt it.

Jonny Flynn
"I need to get a haircut asap. Starting to look like I can endorse Afro Sheen"

How I See It: If you don't take advantage, I will.

Nazr Mohammed
""Pain is WEAKNESS leaving the BODY" -Navy Seal & US Army (via @Tyrese4ReaL)"

How I See It: Is that how you explain childbirth?

Kerron Clement
"Insanity: doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. Good Morning!"

How I See It: You listening, Lovie?

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Athlete Tweets Review: 12/05/09

  • Saturday, December 5, 2009 5:49 PM
  • Written By: Stanley Kay


Charlie Villanueva
"downloading music, whats a hot song to download? need tracks for my ipod"

How I See It: Right now, “Bad Romance” by Lady GaGa is number one on the iTunes Top 100 songs. “Bad Romance”—also the story between the Pistons and free agent acquisition Charlie V, who are tied for last in the Central division.

Kerron Clement
"Where my Gator Haters at. If you not a Gator your Gator Bait."

How I See It: Right here, Kerron. I'm admit I'm a big hater.

Thurman Thomas
"Remember when Bama didn't allow Black athletes... I'm just saying"

How I See It: Sounds like a rational reason to root for Florida. Or not at all.

John Thornton
"Now we gotta listen to 3 hrs of Tebow lovefest."

How I See It: If you can’t catch Saturday’s “lovefest,” head to your local church Sunday morning.

Mark May

How I See It: I think we can all agree this tweet was a bit premature. Unless giving up 45 points is “awesome” defense.

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Athlete Tweets Review 11/19/09

  • Thursday, November 19, 2009 5:01 PM
  • Written By: Dallas Wright


T.J. Ford
"Try to make our world a better place & continue to help people from the bottom of your heart.. WILL BE BLESSED IN RETURN!!"

How I See It: Or you could just help people because they need help.

Bill Romanowski
"I never missed a game in my entire 16 yrs of playing football because I worked with the top body specialists & elite nutrition experts."

How I See It: Expert nutrition. Yeah. That's what they call it.

Tito Ortiz
"Weighed 220 when I woke up.I will cut 8lbs tonight. Sleep off 1 1/2lbs.Run off the last 5lbs tomorrow.Yes I will eat a very little of food."

How I See It: 8 pounds in 1 day!? I couldn't lose that if I physically cut it off of me.

Kevin Durant
"#justbecause u tell me to follow u doesn't mean I have to!"

How I See It: You tell 'em, Kevin.

Kerron Clement
"It's kinda weird and awkward having someone watch you pee in a cup. But that what pro athletes have to go thru. And I'm used to it now."

How I See It: And the winner of Tweet of the Day is...

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