Athlete Tweets Review 06/21/10

  • Tuesday, June 22, 2010 3:06 AM
  • Written By: Stanley Kay


Al Horford
"Sofritos. What's good Charlie V"

How I See It: How about what’s not good? Charlie V in 2009-2010.

Mario Chalmers
"Just got a text that said if I tweet one more thing they gonna scream. Well I guess it's time for u to scream lol and I wanna hear it"

How I See It: That loud noise you heard? You’re welcome.

Aaron Rodgers
"I'm seeing what the show is all about before I do the bachelor"

How I See It: Um, is there any side for a guy on the bachelor?

Michael Huff
"RT @JaVonnieNiKita @Huffy247 when is your dating show coming out?>>>I need would definately be entertaining."

How I See It: Aaron Rodgers, are you listening?

Paul Maholm
"Great off day with fam. lil man loved the pool, chick fil a was awesome as always, and now Toy Story. It's great to be back in the south!"

How I See It: You couldn’t do any of that in the north?

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Athlete Tweets Review 04/27/10

  • Monday, April 26, 2010 11:58 PM
  • Written By: Stanley Kay


Thurman Thomas
"The bill in Arizona Prohibits Racial Profiling, they put that in the Bill."

How I See It: Does the bill also capitalize random words?

Al Horford
"Buenas tardes a todos. Estoy de regreso en Twitter. Gracias a Los fanaticos que estan con nosotros en las buenas y en las malas. Nuestro..."

How I See It: Al Horford speaking Spanish. This tweet mysteriously cuts off ... ah, he must be in Arizona. Yeah, that explains it.

DeSean Jackson
"Bac in philly on my shit time 2 grind harder!! The take-over is coming...."

How I See It: Even DeSean sees it coming….after Kevin Kolb plays bad in week one, impatient Philly fans will be calling for Mike Kafka to replace him at QB. Hence “the take-over.”

Kris Humphries
"Winnersville got lucky in madden yesterday. Farve threw 2 picks; its crazy how accurate the game is."

How I See It: The game was also accurate enough to have the Minnesota radio announcer scream “THIS ISN’T DETROIT, THIS IS THE SUPER BOWL MADDEN!” after an interception.

Trent Shelton
"Some of these wolves to me look just like sheep"

How I See It: You ever hear the story of the boy who cried wolf? Now the wolves are taking trickery to a new level: disguise.

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Athlete Tweets Review 04/06/10

  • Tuesday, April 6, 2010 7:48 PM
  • Written By: Stanley Kay


Steve Slaton
"everyone needs to follow the best tight end in the league @owendaniels . The Real OG"

How I See It: Why is Antonio Gates’ Twitter account called “owendaniels?” Weird.

Al Horford
"Bad start for the the team, but I like the effort in the second half. Let's get this next one tomorrow nite vs Detroit"

How I See It: Shouldn’t be too difficult. Minimal effort required against the Pistons.

Swin Cash
"Man it feels good to see UCONN ranks 2nd&3rd in longest win streaks behind UCLA.... Time to kiss the babies....:)"

How I See It: Yeah that’s awesome! It’s just ruining Women’s College Basketball, but that’s ok.

Chris Douglas-Roberts
"Tonights entertainment: the Internet, my iHome & Twitter. & y'all are doing a pooooooooor job. I'm in Milwaukee! C'mon now!!"

How I See It: I’m not sure if Chris’ entertainment for the night should be a reflection on himself or on the city of Milwaukee. I’ll go with the former.

Dara Torres
"Oh and for u women's basktball fans out there, WTF is up with that halftime score??"

How I See It:I think maybe six people identified with this statement.

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Athlete Tweets Review 01/13/10

  • Wednesday, January 13, 2010 6:09 PM
  • Written By: Stanley Kay


Drew Brees
"Remember, Blackout the Dome with your Finish Strong shirt. The official players shirt says, "Our City, Our Home" then "Finish Strong""

How I See It: “Finish strong”…..yeah, the Saints definitely finished strong this year with those home losses to the Cowboys and Bucs. Definitely.

Al Horford
"Play the Wizards tonite at 7. Let's get it"

How I See It:(insert Arenas/Crittenton gun joke here)

Trent Shelton
"If your tweet isnt "Retweeted" by at least one person probably shouldnt say it cuz NOBODY cares!"

How I See It:This might be the best way to alienate your entire base of followers.

Renee Montgomery
"#randomfact Brad Pitt has been smoking since the sixth grade"

How I See It: Telling kids that Brad Pitt has been smoking since sixth grade is probably not the best way to prevent them from smoking.

Kevin Weekes
"Tweeters, I'll take the first 10 questions from minor hockey goalies and or parents,and adult rec goalies for tips,insights on the posistion"

How I See It: I’m sure the amount of tweets by minor league hockey goalies and their parents completely overwhelmed Kevin as soon as his tweet was sent out.

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Athlete Tweets Review 12/28/09

  • Tuesday, December 29, 2009 1:00 AM
  • Written By: Dallas Wright


Venus Williams
"@bigmacvikings yeah its been a while...well you have a new profile pic!"

How I See It: New profile pic? That's the best Venus could do? Whoever bigmacvikings is hopefully gets the hint.

Rod Benson
"I don't think of NFL players based on what analysts say, but instead I refer to their Madden attributes. D. Jackson has 97 speed. No wonder."

How I See It: Jay Cutler had an Awareness rating higher than 0. I don't see your point.

Al Horford
"Just ate thai food for dinner. Going home now"

How I See It: My name is Al Horford, and my life is painfully average.

Abe Elam
"In Brooklyn on Empire and Flatbush visiting my aunt."

How I See It: ...I have $( ) in cash on me and my Social Security number is...

Paige Mackenzie
"I dislike snow....a lot"

How I See It: Amen.

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Athlete Tweets Review 12/13/09

  • Sunday, December 13, 2009 9:32 PM
  • Written By: Larry Yee


Ron Artest
"Future blogs will be on featured in the Therapy section."

How I See It: I'll let you guys think about this one for awhile.

Shawn Marion
"I love costco they got almost everything"

How I See It: Nowhere else can you find giant boxes of korean noodles next to 24 packs of ginger ale.

Al Horford
"Nice win vs the Nets. Just taking care of business. Good job team!"

How I See It: Honestly, that's not much of an accomplishment anymore.

Eric Maynor
"Vikings are the best team in football."

How I See It: Hi, Drew Brees and Peyton Manning have a few things to say to you. Mostly, they think you should stick to basketball.

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