Tweets By Tiger Woods, Steve Nash, Graeme McDowell And More

  • Tuesday, May 17, 2011 10:00 PM
  • Written By: Jeffrey Eisenband


Carlos Delgado
"un dia de estos va a parar de llover...."
How I See It: Translation: One day, I was a superstar. The next, I was a Met.

Tiger Woods
"Bummed that my left leg has me on the sidelines, but I want, and expect, to be at the US Open. Will do all I can to get there."
How I See It: Tiger should come to the next few tournaments in a suit like an injured NBA player.

Nate Robinson
"Man ull flip ur cheese bra lol #WorDaApP #swag-swag RT @Rico_swagged_up: @nate_robinson @KendallKjear I got my rent money on Nate Lmao"
How I See It: No idea what that all means, but just give the ball to Kevin Durant and everything will be okay.

Steve Nash
"RT @MR_RETWEET_: Im so done wit the suns! The ceo jus announce he's gay.@stevenash please leave(Perfect example of how we still need to grow"
How I See It: Did Steve Nash really just a retweet a comment about how the Suns should get rid of him and rebuild? Is nobody in the Phoenix front office panicking yet?

Graeme McDowell
"Oops. That was not the day I wanted. Bogied 6 and 7 and went completely flat. Chased it and couldn't make it happen. Onwards and upwards."
How I See It: Thanks, Captain Obvious.

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Tweets By Magic Johnson, CC Sabathia, John Wall And More

  • Tuesday, February 15, 2011 7:55 PM
  • Written By: Jeffrey Eisenband


John Wall
"Headed to Orlando!"

How I See It: Wizards vs. Magic! Celebrities in attendance: Daniel Radcliffe, Selena Gomez and the Lucky Charms Leprechaun.

CC Sabathia
"My baseball hero for Feb.12th in honor of BHM was my favorite player growing up... Rickey Henderson"

How I See It: Yeah, you guys have a similar style of play.

Earvin Magic Johnson
"If the season ended today, @RealLamarOdom should be the Sixth Man of the Year. He’s playing great....."

How I See It: No, at the Emmys, they refer to the award for best secondary actor as "Best Supporting Actor in a Reality Series." Magic's gotta steer clear of basketball terminology in pop culture.

Nick Swisher
"RT @BradPenny: @NickSwisher slap aj for me >haha."

How I See It: Don't just slap him for Brad. Slap him on behalf of the entire Yankees Universe. Then maybe he'll throw strikes again.

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Athlete Tweets Review 09/29/10

  • Wednesday, September 29, 2010 6:12 PM
  • Written By: Ben Atlas


John Riggins
"Br'er rabbitt 2 Br'er fox,"Whatever u do don't throw me in the briar patch" or was that D. McNabb 2 A. Reid b4 Easter. Drama Bowl is Sunday."

How I See It: This is the most compelling argument that retired NFL players seriously need to be treated for concussion symptoms.

John Abraham
"Name all 4 Sex and the City characters names I need whole names the first to answer wins (men and woman can answer) Good LUCK!!!"

How I See It: This will surely intimidate opposing quarterbacks.

Michelle Wie
"slept through my morning lecture today...YIKES...."

How I See It: Hey, Jim Furyk slept through his tee time and still won the FedEx Cup. Imagine what you can do now!

Michael Huff
"Brownies, fruit, and purple kool-aid for lunch is the key to having fuel for practice."

How I See It: You forgot the most important key: Not having JaMarcus Russell.

Steve Sarkisian
"Really cool stuff going on in the Seattle community check out"

How I See It: When a city's two best sports franchises are its MLS and WNBA teams, there isn't much going on in the community.

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Athlete Tweets Review 08/27/10

  • Friday, August 27, 2010 2:00 PM
  • Written By: Ben Atlas


Blake Griffin
"The greater danger for most men lies, not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but setting our aim too low and achieving the mark"

How I See It: I'm pretty sure the greater danger for you was getting drafted by the Clippers.

Andre Iguodala
"Actually the context I used it in, I spelled it right... I think I'm einstien, english major... I can spell, player hater! @tonyatea"

How I See It: I'd like to see you spell "Krzyzewski" for your Team USA teammates or "Jrue Holiday" for your 76ers teammates. But first, try spelling "Einstein" correctly.

Andy Murray
"Breakfast=bagel, an omlette, yoghurt and fruit. If your interested. Which you might not be."

How I See It: Yeah, not interested. While we're on the subject of food, though, here's a tip: When you're in New York for the U.S. Open, make sure Rex Ryan doesn't come by and steal your food.

John Calipari
"Do I need to start teaching how to drive along with the Dribble Drive?"

How I See It: I bet Tyreke Evans wishes you did when you guys were still at Memphis.

Michael Huff
"My parents need to hurry up and get here so they can go grocery shoppin, cook, and clean my place"

How I See It: When you're a Raider, you regress not only as a football player, but as a person too.

Serena Williams
"Hey guys slow twitter day....."

How I See It: Tell me about it.

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Athlete Tweets Review 08/23/10

  • Tuesday, August 24, 2010 5:43 AM
  • Written By: Stanley Kay


Kevin Weekes
"We had a great dinner at The Cliff,rated among the Top 50 restaurants in the world,please check it out if you have a minute."

How I See It: A minute? Now that’s fast food.

Michael Huff
"This rookie show might be the worst I've ever seen...smh"

How I See It: There’s only so much talent to go around in Oakland.

Kerry Rhodes
"@OfficialBraylon steroids huh?"

How I See It: Oh so that’s how Braylon’s beard got so big.

Reggie Evans
"we going to with the big ten this year. BLACK AND GOLD."

How I See It: I hope he’s not talking about Purdue.

Lindsey Berg
"Not even gonna lie...I am having a hard time watching this..."

How I See It: Me too, watching Matt Leinart and Derek Anderson run the Cardinals offense is actually unbearable.

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Athlete Tweets Review 08/15/10

  • Monday, August 16, 2010 6:31 AM
  • Written By: Stanley Kay


Trent Shelton
"Dont treat relationships like a revolving door because you can walk back in but it nothing going to change. Save yourself a trip"

How I See It: Or you could get stuck in it. Seriously, being stuck in a revolving door is one of my fears. Always take the side door.

Terrell Owens
"@OGOchoCinco May swing thru Robin! Batman is eating"

How I See It: Just like kids, they pretend to be superheroes. And just like kids, they will probably eventually fight over which one of them gets to be Batman.

Michael Huff
"Shoutout to all my new followers, all I talk about is cougars, food, and make fun of my teammates so get ready!!"

How I See It: I know he’s not your teammate anymore, but I hope JaMarcus is included in that last group.

Darnell Dockett
"If I had 2 put on a diffrent uniform it would B Eagles/!bears/Ravens/panthers/Jets I like all their uniforms cn someonephoto shop me in them"

How I See It: Every Cardinals fan just panicked a little bit.

DeMar DeRozan
"Seem like happiness is hard to find..."

How I See It: It’s especially harder to find in Canada.

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Athlete Tweets Review 08/11/10

  • Wednesday, August 11, 2010 7:03 PM
  • Written By: Dan Hurwitz


Michael Huff
"Headed to the facility gettin ready for this flight. All I know is the rookies better have my apple pies wit no sugar"

How I See It: What happens if there is sugar?

Amare Stoudemire
"Youth apply yourself (brain). Learn about things you don't know. Facts don't lie people do. Study. Message to poverty. Isreal aka Amar'e "

How I See It: Make sure you check out the beaches at Tel Aviv. I don't think you will stick out at all.

J.R. Smith
"House party in Denver Saturday all day tattoos food drinks the whole 9 RSVP by DM! "

How I See It: Do I need to bring anything?

Eric Maynor
"Im a king a Madden 11 already"

How I See It: You and everyone else.

Jonny Flynn
"I'm watching Maury and the name of the show is "I slept w/ 100 men...will I ever find my baby's daddy" haaaaaaaa! This can't be real "

How I See It: They can't make that stuff up.

Baron Davis

How I See It: Where?

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Athlete Tweets Review 08/10/10

  • Tuesday, August 10, 2010 5:48 PM
  • Written By: Kenny Legan


Darnell Dockett
"Holy shit My coach got us in full pads! This is like X-mas in august whoop whoop I'm bout to go slap joey porter and get him pissed off 2day"

How I See It: I wish I could Tweet that.

John Calipari
"Two guys going at each other and trying to knock each other out of the circle. What a great way to start a practice!"

How I See It: Didn't know Calipari had the capabilities to Tweet while fighting the NCAA.

Jay Feely
"I knew when he was a rookie that Matt Schaub would be one of the better QB's some day. He is dilligent, smart and throws a catchable ball."

How I See It: That explains it: Roethlisberger, not smart. Cutler, not diligent. Romo, can't hold a placekick. Ryan Leaf, D) none of the above.

Michael Huff
"The lakers beating the mavs is like Ohio or uconn beatin Texas in football. @tyvonbranch @MikeMitchell34"

How I See It: Umm, what?

Anna Rawson
"Funniest facebook message I have ever received: "Much the world's golf courses please...way too way guys with big tummies""

How I See It: This is why good-looking women should be allowed on the PGA tour.

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Athlete Tweets Review 08/05/10

  • Thursday, August 5, 2010 1:33 PM
  • Written By: Katie Tang


Vince Carter
"Man I tell ya.....nothin like that daddy/daughter time...the greatest!!!"

How I See It: You better keep her away from Barney Stinson - he loves hitting on Daddy's Little Girl.

Michael Huff
"This lil chick at subway just got my #, she was bout 50 but @tyvonbranch told me to go ahead and get it so we can get free food....smh"

How I See It: A professional athlete who can't afford his own Subway sandwich ... then again, you DO play for the Oakland Raiders.

Fabian Washington
"Don't worry I'll be back on my sexxy soon"

How I See It: Silly Fabian, we all know only Justin Timberlake can bring sexy back.

Hayley Wickenheiser
"thinks it sure is nice to be on the ice in heat like this today! :)"

How I See It: It's always nice to be on the ice, regardless of the weather! How many days until hockey season starts?

Mercedes Nicoli
"Had to turn off shark week last night! Didn't wanna dream about getting bit!"

How I See It: In the wise words of Tracy Jordan "Live every week like it's Shark Week."

Chad OchoCinco Johnson
"This picture has no significance but I look good, at least that what my moma said"

How I See It: Your mom's gotta say that, OchoCinco. She's stuck with you!

Athlete Tweets Review 07/14/10

  • Wednesday, July 14, 2010 5:09 PM
  • Written By: Dan Hurwitz


Cole Aldrich
"Just wanted to thank the weather in Minnesota for getting my flight cancelled.."

I don't blame you, Cole. I'd like to stay away from there also.

Ticha Penicheiro
"I wanna be in LA right now and go to ESPY's!!!! :-/ "

Maybe you should be better at your sport and you can go next year.

Jozy Altidore
"Who's going to watch the ESPYS tonight? Should be a lot of fun! #Espys "

How I See It: Probably no one will be watching the Espys. Who cares?

Glen Davis
"Sometimes I feel like I should be a pre- school teacher!!! Ayo baby!! Burning love basketball to much!!! "

How I See It: You in pre-school would make more like a Big Baby.

Gerald McCoy
"Look out world! "

How I See It: For what?

Michael Huff
"All I got to say is if you want it in NCAA 2011 ill be whoopin ass all night....pause"

How I See It: Can we both play as Texas?

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Athlete Tweets Review 07/05/10

  • Tuesday, July 6, 2010 3:03 AM
  • Written By: Stanley Kay


Aaron Rodgers
"Who u got in a fighting tourney between seagal, Norris, Bruce Lee, and sam elliots mustache?"

How I See It: No love for Jack Bauer?

Daequan Cook
"Tweet world wats good just landed in the MIA baby here for a few days to pack and kick it wit my bros @mister6clutch and Beasley let's go!!!"

How I See It: He’s hanging with Mario Chalmers and Michael Beasley -- your entire Miami Heat roster for 2010!

Andre Berto
"Left da crew at the hotel takin time 2 step out the matrix. My Miami swag on full tilt Guccies,linens on the beach dolow thinkin bout it all"

How I See It: You’re in Miami? Go hang out with Daequan, Mario and Michael ... you may even get a spot on the Heat roster.

Antonio Pierce
"NY KNICKS are back. Its going to be a PACKED house in the GARDEN, happy for NYers"

How I See It: I guess a fifth seed in the East for the next five years is considered “back.”

Michael Huff
"Mavs need too pick up shaq"

How I See It: If only Al Davis owned the Mavs too.

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Athlete Tweets Review 07/01/10

  • Thursday, July 1, 2010 2:45 PM
  • Written By: Katie Tang


Andy Roddick
"'whoops' - mel gibson"

How I See It: "Whoops, I got ousted in Round 4 of Wimbledon" - Andy Roddick.

Tracy McGrady
"sources close to the situation tellin me that bron in serious negotiation for max offer from that erie, pa baseball team"

How I See It: Well, that's just LeBron taking the whole "Be Like Mike" thing a little too far.

Michael Huff
"The only way a relationship will work is if yall both have blackberry's so yall can bbm instead of talk on the phone"

How I See It: I guess the Beatles were wrong when they sang "All You Need is Love." All you need is a Blackberry apparently.

Amanda Beard
"Sitting in the theatre getting ready for eclipse!!!!! I'm surrounded by high school girls."

How I See It: High school girls are definitely the main demographic for Twilight. Well, them and their middle-aged soccer moms.

Pierre Garcon
"Every time I look at a women now I'm going to think of #$750million"

How I See It: Better to think of $750 million when you see women. It keeps minds out of the gutter.

Matthew Barnaby
"RT @TSNBobMcKenzie: Tony Lydman to Anaheim at $3M per year for three years. Done deal. Sabres lose 1!! More to follow( I think)"

How I See It: You seem all too happy announcing that the Sabres lost Lydman. I'd watch your back, Barnaby. You've go this Sabres fan upset.

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Athlete Tweets Review 06/21/10

  • Tuesday, June 22, 2010 3:06 AM
  • Written By: Stanley Kay


Al Horford
"Sofritos. What's good Charlie V"

How I See It: How about what’s not good? Charlie V in 2009-2010.

Mario Chalmers
"Just got a text that said if I tweet one more thing they gonna scream. Well I guess it's time for u to scream lol and I wanna hear it"

How I See It: That loud noise you heard? You’re welcome.

Aaron Rodgers
"I'm seeing what the show is all about before I do the bachelor"

How I See It: Um, is there any side for a guy on the bachelor?

Michael Huff
"RT @JaVonnieNiKita @Huffy247 when is your dating show coming out?>>>I need would definately be entertaining."

How I See It: Aaron Rodgers, are you listening?

Paul Maholm
"Great off day with fam. lil man loved the pool, chick fil a was awesome as always, and now Toy Story. It's great to be back in the south!"

How I See It: You couldn’t do any of that in the north?

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Athlete Tweets Review 06/14/10

  • Tuesday, June 15, 2010 1:18 AM
  • Written By: Stanley Kay


Stylez G. White
"@stylezwhite here's a hint.. It's not a strip club and it plays hip hop!:)"

How I See It: Does this have anything to do with Vince Young?

Renee Montgomery
"Today the lady at the store laughed at me for havin a "fake id" I laughed at her for not knowin West Virginia is a state and the id is real"

How I See It: Sounds like a lot of laughs going around at the store.

Michael Huff
"RT @woodson24r @Huffy247 weren't you on the team that beat usc?>>>you know it"

How I See It: Maybe he’ll have another chance to beat USC. I hear the Raiders are looking to join the Pac-10.

Aaron Rodgers
"Topic of the night from gb, what are the best and worst professional athlete tattoos?"

How I See It: Worst: Delonte West. He pretty much is one big tattoo.

Scott Drew
"In helping to keep the Big 12 together!!! Congrats again to everyone in Big 12 country!"

How I See It: And especially congratulations to Texas, which will take the revenue of all the other Big 12 schools! Thanks, Texas for saving the Big 12! Well, Big 10 now!

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Athlete Tweets Review 05/25/10

  • Tuesday, May 25, 2010 8:13 PM
  • Written By: Stanley Kay


T.J. Ford
"@Huffy247 lol.. Let me know ahead of time.. U still with Oakland"

How I See It: Unfortunately for him, he is.

Michael Huff
""Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.""

How I See It: Unless you are in Oakland.

Chris Douglas-Roberts
"Can't leave the gym until I make 20 straight free-throws. I shot 84% las season. I got to get in the 88-90%. I WILL."

How I See It: Well, at least he’s up from 0% in that 2008 NCAA title game.

Mo Williams
"Just left my son graduation. He graduated pre-k. Cap and everything. It was really nice"

How I See It: Did LeBron graduate pre-K, or was he already in the NBA?

Donte Whitner
"I love this new defense..."

How I See It: You know that saying “the best offense is a good defense?” Bills fans better be hoping Donte is right.

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