Tweets By Tim Tebow, Mark Teixeira, Mardy Fish And More

  • Tuesday, September 6, 2011 10:36 PM
  • Written By: Jeffrey Eisenband


Mardy Fish
"Congrats to my best friend in the world @jakeowen on his first #1 song! Barefoot Blue Jean Night!"
How I See It: But I'm not going to congratulate Jo-Wilfred Tsonga. I hate that dumb***.

Alexander Ovechkin
"Great to be part of #Nike. Its going to be amazing ahahaha!!!"
How I See It: Is that an evil laugh mocking the 99.9 % of the world's population who do not have multi-million dollar nike endorsement contracts? Cold, Alex.

Mark Teixeira
"And for the record, GT was 3-0 vs UGA while I was in college ('98-'00)."
How I See It: One win for each of your children in private school in Greenwich. #entourage

Luke Donald
"@coachfitz51 nice win today Coach, 1-0"
How I See It: Northwestern is the new Stanford. #sorrytiger

Tim Tebow
"Psalm 37:4-5"
How I See It: Thou shall not start another quarterback over me ... or two.

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