Tweets By Tim Tebow, Jimmer Fredette And More

  • Monday, December 26, 2011 6:00 PM
  • Written By: Jeffrey Eisenband


Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
"Me @lilkim @jackielong and @Earl_Hayes on our way to @FeverPgh #TheMoneyTeam"
How I See It: Well, these tweets are going to stop soon. Estimated Twitter hiatus: 90 days.

Jimmer Fredette
"Kellen moore is about to be 50-3 in his career. That is impressive."
How I See It: #MountainWestHallofFamers

DeAndre Jordan
"any shoe that i'll get jumped/shot/killed over is overrated, but then'll still have a pair of concords! dumb."
How I See It: Someone's trying to look good for Chris Paul.

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Tweets By Dwyane Wade, Kevin Durant, Ozzie Guillen And More

  • Monday, May 16, 2011 3:29 PM
  • Written By: Jeffrey Eisenband


Ozzie Guillen
"U are the man"
How I See It: My guess is that this wasn't meant for an umpire.

Dwyane Wade
"I had 2 laugh at ths..I was playing my oldest son Zaire on his nerf rim & he dunked & said Gibson while screaming..L2MS Kids u gotta luv em"
How I See It: Something tells me Pat Riley and Eric Spoelstra don't have a sense of humor about this:

Kevin Durant
"Man they be cheatin terrible on angry birds...make me wanna throw my phone out the window.."
How I See It: And to think Kevin would be a little more relaxed today. Don't worry! There's no elimination round in Angry Birds.

David Ortiz
"Check me out in the streets of New York. Thanks again @MLBFanCave ."
How I See It: These hugs are definitely staged (not that I'm a biased Yankee fan or anything).
Curtis Granderson
"lots of proms going on tonight around the country. PLEASE BE SAFE!!!"
How I See It: Thanks, Mom.

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Athlete Tweets Review 08/19/10

  • Thursday, August 19, 2010 6:51 PM
  • Written By: DJ Sixsmith


Rasual Butler
"Riding to Beyonce 'be with you' my joint! Lol she goes in shout to the cayman Islands throw back! Lol! Miamin days mid 2000 lol isee u!"

How I See It: Only real men jam to Beyonce.

Dashon Goldson
"McDonalds for lunch. Large #6 crispy no mayo wit sweet tea. #yum "

How I See It: Nice healthy choice with the tea, Dashon.

Roger Clemens
"I never took HGH or Steroids. And I did not lie to Congress. I look forward to challenging the Governments"

How I See It: Yeah, those 15 counts of indictment say something a little bit different and the Governments are certainly looking forward to challenging you as well.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

How I See It: Great to see the determination to provide for the family but you will be the Big Joker of the boxing world until you fight Pacquiao.

Jared Dudley
"Yo!!! @jrich23 we got ur whole GS squad up here lol.. We have @Matt_Barnes22 @AlHarrington7 @Baron_Davis and Stack Jack.. Where u at? "

How I See It: How come Gilbert Arenas didn't get the invite?

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Athlete Tweets Review 07/15/10

  • Thursday, July 15, 2010 3:17 PM
  • Written By: Katie Tang


Darnell Dockett
"I'm in LA I'm bout to jog down rodell drive in some tights and no shirt. And the first actress I see I'm gonna run up and kiss her!"

How I See It: Worked out pretty well for Adrien Brody after winning his Oscar. Crossing my fingers you get Lindsey Lohan.

Ian Stewart
"Scrambled eggs w/ cheese, sausage, bacon, hash brown casserole, biscuits and gravy and some sweet favorite meal."

How I See It: And here I was thinking Wheaties was the breakfast of champions.

Kerry Keating
"I'll say this after using the iPad and wifi on a plane for 3 hours. The battery is good. Only used 36% of it, with video, net, & kindle"

How I See It: Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Apple's newest spokesperson, Kerry Keating!

Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
"damn it is hot as hell in vegas!!!"

How I See It: Well, it IS the city of sin, so I guess that makes sense.

Leigh Bodden

How I See It: I hope you got a double-double, animal style. YUM.

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Athlete Tweets Review 02/04/10

  • Thursday, February 4, 2010 7:35 PM
  • Written By: Stanley Kay


Floyd Mayweather
"Check out my new twitter page! Shout out to @SuccessJae & @KalikwestMedia for the custom design, Follow them they are Official!"

How I See It:Unless you are going to agree to fight Manny Pacquiao, I don’t care about your new Twitter page, what you have to say, or boxing in general. No, I will not be saying that to Floyd’s face. I think I'll lay low for a while.

Andy Roddick
"attention chris bosh.... us miami heat fans would greatly appreciate your services for the next 7-10.. that and having my boy @dwadeofficial"

How I See It:What about your boy Hedo Turkoglu? He’ll be lonely up in cold Toronto without Chris Bosh.

Bill Romanowski
"Jim Rome just asked me to be his guest tomorrow at ESPN's Jim Rome in Burning. I'll be on at 4:30pm EST."

How I See It: I think those two guys are more likely to fight on the program tomorrow than Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Shaun Phillips
"#itkills me when people follow me around a store."

How I See It: Yeah I hate when that happens.

Evan Lysacek
"Just finished taping Leno. Wanda Sykes is HILARITY at it's finest. Tune in tonight... NBC at 10."

How I See It: I’m with CoCo.