Tweets By Pete Carroll, Myron Rolle And More

  • Wednesday, December 29, 2010 6:43 PM
  • Written By: Dan Hurwitz


Trent Shelton
"Cmon baylor"

How I See It: Haha. Baylor is playing awful.

Pete Carroll
"hey seattle, can we get a #BlueFriday going this week?? wear blue on friday to support the @seahawks! "

How I See It: Is the Seahawks' main color not green? I guess it a turquoiseish type color.

Myron Rolle
"I really hope Cote d'Ivoire Prez Gbagbo gives up position peacefully. Do not need another West African civil war.. "

How I See It: This is the most informed athlete tweeter out there!

Bryant McKinnie
"Any1 know around what time Barnes & Noble closes? "

How I See It: Can't you just look it up?

Michael Waltrip
"Daughter wants to go to a teen club. I said ok, lets go. Then I found out that I wasn't invited. "

How I See It: They grow up so quickly.

Chad Ochocinco
"Is the news true of the recent arrest of a certain individual involved in 2 Pacs murder? "

How I See It: 2pac isn't dead.

Tweets By Jon Scheyer, Stephon Marbury And More

  • Monday, November 29, 2010 9:13 PM
  • Written By: Ben Atlas


Jon Scheyer
"I really hope andre johnson doesn't get suspended! I got him on my fantasy team! Plus, he won that fight... And the game haha"

How I See It: From starting point guard on a national championship team to fantasy football freak? The D-League can't call soon enough.

Marquis Daniels
"I need food sooner than later, any suggestions I dnt want steak tonite....."

How I See It: Worse comes to worse you can always eat Nate. Actually, Big Baby probably did that already.

Dustin Keller
"Thanksgiving leftovers are the greatest..but I promise I won't have too much"

How I See It: ... Because Rex Ryan already ate most of them.

Bryant McKinnie
"Some ppl need 2 get off twitter so much & fill out a job application."

How I See It: I bet you don't want Brad Childress filling out a job application any time soon. Unless it's for Walmart, of course.

Stephon Marbury
"Haters hate because they think its going to make them great.-#ISAIDIT"

How I See It: No, haters hate because you got paid $20 million to sit at home and stay away from the team.

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Athlete Tweets Review 10/19/10

  • Tuesday, October 19, 2010 2:22 PM
  • Written By: Daniel Rubens


Bryant Mckinnie
"Now we r about 2 get our feet rubbed. Relaxing!"

How I See It: I would not want to be the one to rub Bryant Mckinnie's feet.

Steve Fisher
"Leaving for Milwaukee... Which I think, is Chippewa for "whale's vagina". But i'm not 100% sure of that translation."

How I See It:Stay classy, Steve Fisher.

LeBron James
"My theme Songs "Hate Me Now" Nas feat. Diddy and "Can I Live" Big Homie Hov"

How I See It: It fits, because EVERYBODY HATES HIM.

Reggie Bush
"I think the worst pain I've been in above and beyond anything I've ever experienced was having all 4 wisdom teeth pulled at once! Terrible!"

How I See It: Worse than giving back your Heisman?

Chad Ochocinco
"The old Chad is back, i sent the entire Falcon defense a nice gift and i have a special prop in place in each endzone for sunday, #PePe"

How I See It: I couldn't be any more excited for the Bengals game.

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Athlete Tweets Review 09/21/10

  • Tuesday, September 21, 2010 9:23 PM
  • Written By: Jacob Feldman


Lane Kiffin
"Getting ready for Washington State...Play Hard, Play Fast, Play Together! Fight On!"

How I See It: Good to see Kiffin changed his motto from "Play Hard, Play Fast, Play Together! Move on!"

Jon Scheyer
"Does anybody wanna play me in words with friends????"

How I See It: If you wanted friends to play with, you shouldn't have gone to Duke.

Rick Fox
"2 minutes to elimination show...I gotta pee"

How I See It: The life of a Dancing With the Stars contestant.

Bryant McKinnie
"Ok heading 2 the tennis court now, gonna play against my teammates. Gotta think about what @Venuseswilliams taught me real quick."

How I See It: A 335-pounder playing tennis? Can't wait to see the video of that!

Steven Jackson
"Going to do a blog entry tonight..any questions you'd like to have answered? #fb"

How I See It: How frustrating is wasting your best years playing for a team as awful as the Rams?

LeBron James
"Always good to be back on the field. Call me LeBron Randy Moss James. Yes Sir!!"

How I See It: Is "The Chosen One" not enough for your ego?

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Athlete Tweets Review 09/14/10

  • Tuesday, September 14, 2010 6:40 PM
  • Written By: Ben Atlas


Alex Brown
"I am not talking about comparing vodka and tequila but what do u think is the best vodka and tequila? Straight as a shot or mixed."

How I See It: The brand that prevents Roger Goodell from suspending anyone who drinks too much. If this brand exists, let Ben Roethlisberger know.

Bryant McKinnie
"Just had Dejavu what's that mean?"

How I See It: If you have to ask, you can't afford it.

Curt Schilling
"Otw to ESPN to tape some Sept. And Oct. Pieces on pitching. Have 19 years of notes and game notes in tow!"

How I See It: And by "game notes" he means a few pairs of socks with fake blood stains around the ankles.

Stephon Marbury
"AI come to CHINA baby. Let's make history again. This is the next chapter in the book that we will write."

How I See It: I can't decide which is more unlikely: AI actually playing in China or a publisher allowing you two to write a book together.

Leonard Weaver
"Couples retreat is such a great movie!"

How I See It: I guess movie standards are lowered when you're on IR.

Steve Smith
"What a nice day in jersey. Thk u Lord!!"

How I See It: A nice day in Jersey? I was not aware of such a thing.

Athlete Tweets Review 08/17/10

  • Tuesday, August 17, 2010 8:31 PM
  • Written By: Jacob Feldman


Kevin Weekes
"RT @justinbieber Yo chillin with @kevinweekes NHL goalie.. Hes tight! follow him."

How I See It: In related news, Weekes gained 7,000 followers today, but lost even more respect.

Warren Sapp
"Wake Up U Mean?? Proof reading Is a Must!! Smdh RT @j_holland7: Walk up and get on your feet and let's do something great and unique"

How I See It: Warren Sapp, by far the scariest officer in the Grammar Police Squad.

Joe Haden
"Just finished the first practice!! We got better 2day!!!"

How I See It: Reminder: You are the Browns, you can only get better. It would have been noteworthy had the team proven the theory that they could possibly get worse.

John Calipari
"We now have Crazy Bandz available. Collect, trade, enjoy: ^DP"

How I See It: Bracelets the shape of John Calipari? This has officially gotten way out of hand, no pun intended.

Bryant McKinnie
"Just left the locker room, oh & i ran n2 a old friend when i was leaving. Lol! figure it out!"

How I See It: I think he's talking about Brett Favre? Favre's back. Let the mania begin ... again.

Joe Nemechek
"Looks like Brett's answer may be coming today. Get in your final vote on the poll on #nascar #fb"

How I See It: Great, even NASCAR driver Joe Nemechek is doing his part to cover Favre ad nauseam.

Chad Ochocinco
"OCNN: Droid X Owners, my app is available in the Android Market by searching "Ochocinco" #android #motorola #ochocinco"

How I See It: Oh boy, another medium on which I can follow the fascinating life of Chad Ochocinco. I've got to get this now! Thanks for reading.

Athlete Tweets Review 06/17/10

  • Thursday, June 17, 2010 12:37 PM
  • Written By: Katie Tang


Kirk Morrison
"Just ran through the Jacksonville Airport like I was OJ Simpson in that car commercial back in the day. Barely made my flight. #sweating"

How I See It: If you ran as fast as O.J. drove white Broncos, you probably would've made your flight with time to spare.

Nick Collison
"U can imagine the horror of realizing you have "my humps" by black eyed peas on your ipod as shuffle plays the song #mustbeavirus"

How I See It: Probably the same horror one experiences when checking out your Twitter picture, Collison.

Meryl Davis
"The snooze button is the meanest invention ever~who gives sleeping people the option to continue doing so in 5 min increments? Stop teasing!"

How I See It: That's why you get an alarm clock with a nine-minute snooze. It makes waking up a little sweeter.

Bryant McKinnie
"I'm down here on the beach 4 a meeting! Its very hot out here 2day. I'm early 4 a change, the ppl r 15min away."

How I See It: Meeting on the beach? Yes, please. How they expect you guys to be productive, though, I don't know.

Ottis Anderson
"is it me or does it seem the NBA Finals have been going on for a LONG time"

How I See It: I'm right there with you, Ottis. At least it ends tonight. Good luck Lakers/Celtics!

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Athlete Tweets Review 01/25/10

  • Monday, January 25, 2010 4:30 PM
  • Written By: Dallas Wright


Eric Winston
"Did Terrance Cody not know he was gonna have to get on a scale? 370?? Who does he think he is? Ted Washington in his 15th year?"

How I See It: Well if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black tackle calling the tackle fat.

Shawn Johnson
"In the process of interviewing all of the contestants for Miss America in Vegas :) this is an honoring experience. These girls are brilliant"

How I See It: I thought Twitter was supposed to encourage more honesty.

Bryant McKinnie
"Ok me, Sidney Rice + Adrian Peterson r putting 2gether a very classy upscale party during Super Bowl! The owner from The W hotel asked if we"

How I See It: Hopefully AP doesn't drop the ball on this one.

Thurman Thomas
"RT @ "I have no house, wife, children, parents, or brothers; my friends are friends as long as they think like me, politically" -Che"

How I See It: Guevara must be rolling in his grave. Republicans are quoting him now.

Trevor Ariza
"When do I get to go to the white house? Lol"

How I See It: Didn't you win a championship last year?

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Athlete Tweets Review 01/02/10

  • Saturday, January 2, 2010 5:33 PM
  • Written By: Stanley Kay


Evan Oglesby
"i lost my phone and contact..text me ur name, email, and if u have blackberry send ur pin..thanks"

How I See It: You’re sending this out….to your entire twitter following base? Interesting. Desperate for contacts I guess.

Trent Shelton
"So I turn on the tv...and a epidsope of top model is on that I didn't want to see lol"

How I See It:Are there episodes of Top Model that you actually do want to see?

Bryant McKinnie
"Well its warmed up a bit! Went from -15 to -6 whoo hoo! Lol! "

How I See It: It’s in the 60’s today in Florida … I think I shivered a couple times, and I had to break out the sweatshirt for the first time in a while. So I totally know what Bryant is going through right now.

Mark Teahen
"Just realized why Fitzgerald is a better reciever than I am....thumbs, he has them."

How I See It:Yeah … he has them. So do I. I guess I’ll throw my name out there for Anquan Boldin’s replacement when he bolts town.

Reggie Bush
"Those were some great College games yesterday...I think the Northwestern/Auburn game might have been the best of the day maybe the year!"

How I See It: Agreed. Also, Reggie should audition for the kicking job for the Wildcats next season.

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Athlete Tweets Review 11/17/09

  • Tuesday, November 17, 2009 6:20 PM
  • Written By: Dallas Wright


Willie Anderson
"@OGOchoCinco When we doing Fatburger Friday Lunch with your followers?"

How I See It: Subway for you sir.

John Calipari
"I was happy how we overcame the 18-point deficit."

How I See It: The joy just explodes from this tweet, Coach Cal.

Jalen Rose
"My recap on Pacquiao-Cotto... it's time to see Pacquiao-Mayweather...who's with me?"

How I See It: Everybody but Floyd.

Bryant McKinnie
"Just touched down! The shortest flight I've ever been on. Real Talk! 17min!"

How I See It: Where'd you fly? Target?

Tommy Lasorda
"Congratulations to Royal's P Zack Greinke for winning the AL Cy Young. I managed 2 NL Cy Young winners: Fernando ('81) and Hershiser ('88)"

How I See It: I'll remember that the next time I play Trivial Pursuit. Talk about irrelevant.

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