Athlete Tweets Review 05/20/10

  • Thursday, May 20, 2010 7:02 PM
  • Written By: Katie Tang


Trent Shelton
"thinking im about to hit houston's restaurant solo ...oh well"

How I See It: Reminds me of Rachel from Friends. I don't get why there's such a stigma about eating alone in restaurants. Everyone deserves a little alone time. I support you, Shelton!

C.J. Miles
"The first home alone is classic"

How I See It: One of my go-to holiday movies. Christmas cheer in the middle of Spring, always a good choice.

Martellus Bennett
"I wanna be a ninja turtle. WTF. How can I do this?"

How I See It: Channel your inner Vanilla Ice and do the dance from his TMNT2 movie. Classic.

Kerron Clement
"I still haven't seen Iron Man 2"

How I See It: Why are you at home tweeting about this? GO. SEE. IT. NOW. Soooo good. RDJr is a total badass.

Vince Spadea
"I just saw a guy using a pay phone. They still make those?"

How I See It: Sure they do. I'm also pretty sure the guy had the DeLorean next to him, huh?

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Athlete Tweets Review 05/07/10

  • Friday, May 7, 2010 3:03 PM
  • Written By: Dallas Wright


Christina Kim
"Sooooo.... The lady here at the bank has flubbed up 3x in front of me with paperwork. I'm assuming... Meth head?"

How I See It: Damn, Christina. You go from 0 to 100 in a second. Why couldn't it just be clumsy, or hung over?

Andrew Bogut
"Up @ 4am! Listening to kid cudi on rage!"

How I See It: Christina Kim calls it meth.

Evan Bates
"LET'S DO THIS CINCI!!!.....or indy...or st. louis, or wherever the hell I am"

How I See It: Cue Christina ...

Simon Cho
"TGIF!!!! :)"

How I See It: You had me until the emoticon.

Les Miles
"Good luck to all of our players in final exams. Lets finish the semester strong! Geaux Tigers"

How I See It: Luck. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

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Athlete Tweets Review 04/30/10

  • Friday, April 30, 2010 6:27 PM
  • Written By: Dallas Wright


C.J. Miles

How I See It: Resisting ... Allen ... Iverson ... reference ...

Kevin Johnson
"Gov. Schwarzenegger is speaking passionately about ed reform. Said he would sign anything CA mayors put forward that can fix education in CA"

How I See It: What was he supposed to say? I'm going to ignore anything mayors proposed that would fix education?

Sean May
"I made it! The torture is over I made it"

How I See It: I know you all sucked this year, but damn.

Dhani Jones
"Didn't wake until 1130am... That's what's up!!!"

How I See It: What a bum.

Shaun Phillips
"Why does all the food that's good for u taste bad and all the bad food taste good. It should be the other way."

How I See It: Life does play cruel, cruel jokes on us.

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