Athlete Tweets Review 11/07/10

  • Sunday, November 7, 2010 8:57 PM
  • Written By: Ross Gordon


Chad OchoCinco
"#random doing my Argentine Tango routine from DWTS while listening to Ramsey Lewis song entitled Cancìon, good workout before meetings"

How I See It: I don’t think he realizes that he was booted from “Dancing with the Stars” yet. Poor Chad.

Deion Sanders
"McNaab got benched. Moss got released on his off day and Childress may get fired at halftime ."

How I See It: Yup, sounds like a typical week in the NFL to me.

Kevin Durant
"What's good tweeple? Shout out to Amare for still rollin with the KD2's"

How I See It: Amar’e knows how to play in style.

Brandon Jennings
"Watching watever is on TV.…"

How I See It: You make it sound difficult to find a good program to watch on NFL Sunday.

Sinorice Moss
"I Love that I have a great relationship with my parents. I Love you so much Lloyd & Natalie Moss. #thankful"

How I See It: I don’t think he got the memo: Thanksgiving is on the 25th.

Joe Namath
"Throwing to a receiver CROSSING the field short of the first rarely picks it up."

How I See It: Get Rex Ryan on the phone and tell him that yourself. The Jets need all the help they can get — they got lucky with their overtime win.

Shaun Phillips
"It just goes to show you that every game take 4 whole qtrs. Thanks for still believing in us love u guys."

How I See It: I thought the NFL switched games to be three periods instead of four quarters long. Thanks for the clarification.

Athletes Tweet Review 10/18/10

  • Monday, October 18, 2010 2:48 PM
  • Written By: Jesse Heussner


Matt Maloney
"I love driving by the golf course and beeping while someone is in their backswing!"

How I See It: ... And Matt Maloney takes Jared Dudley’s weekly spot with my favorite tweet of the day award.

Cole Aldrich
"Every hour your body has to replace over one billion cells."

How I See It: That is, if you are 6 feet and 11 inches.

Danny Granger
"Heading 2 the airport 2 leave 2 miinnesota & a cop just pulled me ovr. Apparently my plates R expired! ths is the 1st... "

How I See It: I can’t believe the cop didn’t let Granger finish his tweet!

Brad Gilbert
"Yesterday was a suffering day for Raider fans-Campbell soup was pitiful. I'm sorry to say the Cable Guy has got to go, he's not an NFL coach"

How I See It: There is no better person at diluting his own intelligence than Brad Gilbert. Campbell soup? The Cable Guy? This isn’t even anything for BG -- I feel like I’m going to throw the remote every time Gilbert says “the fear-hand,” “Fed-Dog,” or “The Djoker” on TV.

Donte Stallworth
"Failure is not a single, cataclysmic event. You don't fail overnight. Instead, failure is a few errors in judgement, repeated every day."

How I See It: Judging by this definition, Stallworth has learned his lesson: Never sign with teams like the Browns and your life will be a success.

Sinorice Moss
"Good Morning Twitterverse. Telling your son you'll see him later is the hardest thing to do. I love you nj so much."

How I See It: This literally took me a minute to process. I originally thought that Moss meant “I love you New Jersey,” but I knew that couldn’t be right.

Chad OchoCinco
"What will America watch tonight, The Yankees and Rangers or Jaguars and Titans?"

How I See It: I was actually thinking of tuning into VH1 to watch the OchoCinco dating show.

Athlete Tweets Review 09/28/10

  • Tuesday, September 28, 2010 5:36 PM
  • Written By: Jeffrey Eisenband


Wes Johnson
"Just leaving Roosevelt Elementary School w/ @J_Flynn . Had a great time reading the Three Little Pigs. Our Mascot Crunch did his thing lol"

How I See It: So the NBA Read to Achieve campaign really does exist. It’s not just some advertising scam.

Pat Fitzgerald
"Honored to be considered one of the best football programs with on the field success AND academics!! GO CATS!"

How I See It: Way to stick it to Vandy, Pat! Totally outsmarted them in Week 1.

Allen Iverson
"My wife and I lost 8 pounds each in a week off this diet -> really amazing"

How I See It: The Acai Berry diet is definitely not THE ANSWER to reviving your basketball career.

Marcellus Wiley
"Runnin on the beach, saw 3 kids playing football, I wanted to play catch w/them & they said NO! Dad tells them who "I am" kids still said No"

How I See It: Marcellus, I hate to break it to you man, but this means you got old really darn fast.

Michael Oher
"My former teammate and close friend Mike Wallace for the Steelers just told me it will be an honor to play against me this Sunday"

How I See It: Please tell me I wasn’t the only person who expected you to say Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw or Kathy Bates as your former teammate.

Sinorice Moss
"Thank you @SorayaLewis & @Revis24 I got you. Get healthy bruh."

How I See It: And Darrelle Revis becomes the 5,000th person to send Sinorice Moss a “get well” message over the past five years!

Eric Barton
"Wanna go see wallstreet at 4:20"

How I See It: You know what, that could be exactly what the Browns need! Screw practice. Maybe the front office will learn how to actually use their money wisely.

Daequan Cook
"Just finished my first practice of training camp slow start but finished strong gotta change some habits frm my old team but a Good start"

How I See It: Yeah, I was just as surprised when I found out Miami was even looking for someone else to play small forward. Who’d they sign over you again?

Shaquille O'Neal
"See what happens when u laff at people da same person dat got rondo got me"

How I See It: If Shaq’s the Diesel engine, what does that make Rajon Rondo? Windshield wiper fluid?

LeBron James
"Always good to be back on the field. Call me LeBron Randy Moss James. Yes Sir!!"

How I See It: Makes sense. You would go play with Tom Brady if you were in the NFL. Not that you’re arrogant or anything.

Athletes Tweets Review 09/22/10

  • Wednesday, September 22, 2010 6:18 PM
  • Written By: DJ Sixsmith


Sinorice Moss
"Road to Recovery update: Putting in work! Don't count me out. #thatsall"

How I See It: Sorry, but Giant fans counted you about three years ago.

"1 would think with all a man has to deal with at his work place he'd be able to find peace at home with a wife/girlfriend,if not,stay single"

How I See It: The reality show just ended and there are already problems on the home front with Ruby. Child Please.

Rasual Butler e
"Starting my ninth season in the NBA but #wasntsupposetomakeit #lookat me now"

How I See It: Nine years of mediocrity; gotta love the NBA.

Shelden Williams
"Got a lot of stuff to do look at the lease of my new place and then look at furniture and all that. Get at yall later!!"

How I See It: Hurry back because everyone will be dying to know how it all went.

Adam Jones
"This new toothbrush I just bout feels great on my teeth. Makes me wanna smile more. #random"

How I See It: The guy has got a lot to smile about now that he is back in the league and making headlines for his game on the field and not in the strip club.

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Athlete Tweets Review 05/01/10

  • Saturday, May 1, 2010 6:16 PM
  • Written By: Stanley Kay


Nick Mangold
"Made it in safe & sound, no thanks to the faux plane. Nap and then caught the Derby. What a great race. Shame stupid PETA probably missed it "

How I See It: If Nick Mangold mysteriously disappears tomorrow, you’ll know who it was.

Trent Shelton
"See past my tattoos, my body,face idk whatever it is u judge me by....and just try to see my heart...that's all I ask "

How I See It: I see your heart ... but it’s all tattooed up.

Warren Sapp
"800K Cash!!! WOW Wanna See The Pay-out!!!"

How I See It: It appears Warren’s Twitter account has turned into a running infomercial.

Clay Matthews
"Should've put some money down on Ice Box!! Does 2nd pay out??"

How I See It: I’m not sure, but you can get $800,000 from Warren Sapp.

Sinorice Moss
"Proud of my 3year old son. He Bowled an 88. With the Bumpers by himself. Went into the 10th frame with an 80."

How I See It: I think I bowled a 46 recently (true story). How embarrassing.

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