Tweets By Tim Tebow, Jimmer Fredette And More

  • Tuesday, December 13, 2011 5:42 PM
  • Written By: Jeffrey Eisenband


Andy Roddick
"@timtebow haven't seen much of you in the news recently....... How's everything been going???"
How I See It: You're too funny #fairweatherfriends

Tim Tebow
"Praise the Lord! Couldn't be any prouder of my teammates for believing in each other 'till the very end. GB²"
How I See It: ... and God for knocking that ball out of Marion Barber III's hands. I really appreciate it.

Jimmer Fredette
"Signed the deal today so I'm finally an NBA basketball player now! Excited to be apart of the kings organization!"
How I See It: College sports megastar + Criticisms that he can't play at the pro level + Unique religious faith = Basketball's Tim Tebow?

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Tweets By Andy Roddick, Plaxico Burress And More

  • Tuesday, November 8, 2011 3:30 PM
  • Written By: Jeffrey Eisenband


C.J. Wilson
"Today's roadtrip agenda: Canyon de Chelley and Meteor Crater. Great photo opportunities! Can't wait to get back to LA"
How I See It: And New York if Brian Cashman shows me the money.

Andy Roddick
"Oh stevie Williams ........ He should get a restraining order against microphones... Not within 50 yards"
How I See It: How about they just put a bunker and a creek around the podium?

Plaxico Burress
"Thank God for another beautiful day! Kissed my wife, kissed my daughter, gave my son a pound. Chai tea latte, blueberry scone. Loving life!"
How I See It: This life is certainly different from that of yours in prison.

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Tweets By Tim Tebow, Mark Teixeira, Mardy Fish And More

  • Tuesday, September 6, 2011 10:36 PM
  • Written By: Jeffrey Eisenband


Mardy Fish
"Congrats to my best friend in the world @jakeowen on his first #1 song! Barefoot Blue Jean Night!"
How I See It: But I'm not going to congratulate Jo-Wilfred Tsonga. I hate that dumb***.

Alexander Ovechkin
"Great to be part of #Nike. Its going to be amazing ahahaha!!!"
How I See It: Is that an evil laugh mocking the 99.9 % of the world's population who do not have multi-million dollar nike endorsement contracts? Cold, Alex.

Mark Teixeira
"And for the record, GT was 3-0 vs UGA while I was in college ('98-'00)."
How I See It: One win for each of your children in private school in Greenwich. #entourage

Luke Donald
"@coachfitz51 nice win today Coach, 1-0"
How I See It: Northwestern is the new Stanford. #sorrytiger

Tim Tebow
"Psalm 37:4-5"
How I See It: Thou shall not start another quarterback over me ... or two.

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Tweets By Tiger Woods, Steve Nash, Graeme McDowell And More

  • Tuesday, May 17, 2011 10:00 PM
  • Written By: Jeffrey Eisenband


Carlos Delgado
"un dia de estos va a parar de llover...."
How I See It: Translation: One day, I was a superstar. The next, I was a Met.

Tiger Woods
"Bummed that my left leg has me on the sidelines, but I want, and expect, to be at the US Open. Will do all I can to get there."
How I See It: Tiger should come to the next few tournaments in a suit like an injured NBA player.

Nate Robinson
"Man ull flip ur cheese bra lol #WorDaApP #swag-swag RT @Rico_swagged_up: @nate_robinson @KendallKjear I got my rent money on Nate Lmao"
How I See It: No idea what that all means, but just give the ball to Kevin Durant and everything will be okay.

Steve Nash
"RT @MR_RETWEET_: Im so done wit the suns! The ceo jus announce he's gay.@stevenash please leave(Perfect example of how we still need to grow"
How I See It: Did Steve Nash really just a retweet a comment about how the Suns should get rid of him and rebuild? Is nobody in the Phoenix front office panicking yet?

Graeme McDowell
"Oops. That was not the day I wanted. Bogied 6 and 7 and went completely flat. Chased it and couldn't make it happen. Onwards and upwards."
How I See It: Thanks, Captain Obvious.

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Athletes Tweet Review 10/27/10

  • Wednesday, October 27, 2010 3:12 PM
  • Written By: Jesse Heussner


Roger Mason Jr.
"Almost that time...Let's Go NYK!!!!!"

How I See It: Hate to break it to Mase, but he’s getting hyped for two hours of pine. Shooting 30 percent in the preseason will do that to you.

John Calipari
"You know you're in a good place when you walk into a school and the librarian has Kentucky all over her office."

How I See It: Did the librarian cheat on her SAT’s too? (Sorry, that was harsh.)

Andy Roddick
"so if most girls dress like strippers on halloween, what do strippers dress as?"

How I See It: Brooklyn Decker?

Charlie Villanueva
"It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday, last week, last month or last year - today we overcome our challenges. Let's go to work Detroit."

How I See It: Ah, nothing like an opening night game against the Nets to get your hopes up.

C.J. Wilson
"Today is the day...that I go eat pancakes"

How I See It:Finally, someone with something logical to say.

Terrence Williams
"Just left the gym hope everyone day is going well, ill be giving out at lease 6 tickets today yessir season opener #wordaapp"

How I See It: Tickets!? Terrence Williams must be selling the farm, considering Nets tickets are starting as low as 39 cents for opening night. (Seriously, check StubHub)

Athlete Tweets Review 09/26/10

  • Sunday, September 26, 2010 8:58 PM
  • Written By: Ross Gordon


Carlos Boozer
"Great Day To Watch Football!!!!"

How I See It: Yeah, much better than a Wednesday.

Paula Creamer
"I just have nothing to say about these 49ers."

How I See It: Then why did you post that on Twitter?

Quentin Richardson
"Boldin again!!! BEAST!!!"

How I See It: Boldin officially has the swagger of a No. 1 wide receiver. I think 142 yards and three touchdowns does that to you. Who’s Larry Fitzgerald again?

Andy Roddick
"really really sucks"

How I See It: Yeah, I know, you haven’t won a grand slam in seven years.

Sherron Collins
"So happy for mike vick keep doing yo thing my dude"

How I See It: I don’t care what anyone says – all of these “go Vick” Tweets have to make Kevin Kolb feel terrible. This was supposed to be him.

Vince Young
""On to the Next One". Like my boy Hov say."

How I See It: Don’t be cocky ... and wait didn’t Jeff Fisher bench you last week?

Chad OchoCinco
"@nflcommish Goodmorning dad, im looking to have a lil fun day, no fines just take away my starbucks card n i'll straighten up, love you man"

How I See It: Child, please. Roger Goodell ain’t yo daddy!

Roddy White
"We dat by the way who can be them saints"

How I See It: I know what you were going for, but that just didn’t come out right.

Athlete Tweets Review 09/08/10

  • Wednesday, September 8, 2010 8:12 PM
  • Written By: Jacob Feldman


Terrell Owens
"Holy i need sum rest Robin!!! didn't training camp end last week or we hv an extra week of it? LOL!!"

How I See It: I'm pretty sure you shouldn't feel tired going into the regular season. At least you've put in some valuable time on the Batman allusions.

Chad Ochocinco Johnson
"Awesome practice, watched alot of film on the Patriots this afternoon,defense always n position to make a play on the ball-discipline"

How I See It: Evidence A why Ocho is a lovable clown and TO is just annoying; they are too completely different animals. Keep studying, Chad. We are all rooting for some more awesome TD celebrations!

Hakim Warrick
"Ok twitter I jammed my thumb 2 day and it's killing me 2 tweet right now... But I'll tough it out 4 y'all bc ur my boy blue #oldschool"

How I See It: The tragic story of a Twitter hero.

Bobby Ryan
"Entertaining Halloween costumes, any ideas?"

How I See It: FYI-It's September, and not even late September. Also, it's lame to use someone else's Halloween idea.

Jonathan Vilma
"the quiet before the storm....Who Dat!!"

How I See It: OMG, I know right? Longest week of my life. I'm counting down the minutes ...

Andy Roddick
"picking every nfl straight up against @brooklynddecker for the season... she takes vikes thurs.... i took saints at home.... thoughts?"

How I See It: Are there two less qualified people to pick NFL games than Andy Roddick and his wife? At least one of them will be right ...

Athlete Tweets Review 07/01/10

  • Thursday, July 1, 2010 2:45 PM
  • Written By: Katie Tang


Andy Roddick
"'whoops' - mel gibson"

How I See It: "Whoops, I got ousted in Round 4 of Wimbledon" - Andy Roddick.

Tracy McGrady
"sources close to the situation tellin me that bron in serious negotiation for max offer from that erie, pa baseball team"

How I See It: Well, that's just LeBron taking the whole "Be Like Mike" thing a little too far.

Michael Huff
"The only way a relationship will work is if yall both have blackberry's so yall can bbm instead of talk on the phone"

How I See It: I guess the Beatles were wrong when they sang "All You Need is Love." All you need is a Blackberry apparently.

Amanda Beard
"Sitting in the theatre getting ready for eclipse!!!!! I'm surrounded by high school girls."

How I See It: High school girls are definitely the main demographic for Twilight. Well, them and their middle-aged soccer moms.

Pierre Garcon
"Every time I look at a women now I'm going to think of #$750million"

How I See It: Better to think of $750 million when you see women. It keeps minds out of the gutter.

Matthew Barnaby
"RT @TSNBobMcKenzie: Tony Lydman to Anaheim at $3M per year for three years. Done deal. Sabres lose 1!! More to follow( I think)"

How I See It: You seem all too happy announcing that the Sabres lost Lydman. I'd watch your back, Barnaby. You've go this Sabres fan upset.

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Athlete Tweets Review 06/09/10

  • Wednesday, June 9, 2010 6:34 PM
  • Written By: Dan Hurwitz


Kenny Smith
"I love newyork!! Doing interviews for Taco Bell today... $2 meals baby! Lol"

How I See It: You cannot consider Taco Bell's two-dollar deal a meal. It is a small five-layer burrito and a bag of Doritos. Since when is that a meal?

Landon Donovan
"Definitely getting excited now!!! 2 more days of training and then it's time to get down to business"

How I See It: Get it done in South Africa. Let's go, Team U.S.A.

Andy Roddick
"crap...... i dropped my phone in the toilet.... its drying..... im hoping it shows sign of life soon"

How I See It: Not going to happen, Andy. I still don't understand how Apple hasn't come out with a waterproof app.

Jessica Gysin
"Current debate: does getting stiches count as surgery?!"

How I See It: No way!

Evan Oglesby
"U never realize how much u use ur pinky finger until u jam it."

How I See It: It's a very underrated finger.

Le'Ron McLain
"Watching Friday Night Lights!! They pissing maboi Coach Taylor off!! Trying to fire him but it's cool #EastDillon SHOUT-OUT TO GYM!!"

How I See It: Friday Night Lights = best show on TV. Texas Forever!

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Athlete Tweets Review 05/19/10

  • Wednesday, May 19, 2010 5:20 PM
  • Written By: Dan Hurwitz


Brandon Jennings

How I See It: Looks like you needed that one year of college.

Matt Forte
"#Randomfact Nearly 2,500 left handed ppl are killed a year using products designed for right handed ppl! Glad im"

How I See It: How accurate is that, Matt?

Chris Douglas-Roberts
"ATTENTION!You don't have to be RICH to be FLY!Remember,it's about attitude.Being positive & confident.Just be CLEAN with w/e your budget is!"

How I See It: After basketball you should look into a career as a guidance counselor.

Kurt Warner
"EXHAUSTED! Too much travel! Too much working out! Too many kids up til wee hrs in morn! And WAY to little sleep! NEED A NAP!s"

How I See It: Is Kurt starting to rethink retirement? You could be at OTAs right now.

Roddy White
"The celtics are bringing out the brooms"

How I See It: I think you're right. They won't lose at home.

Andy Roddick
"at my match today this guys phone kept ringing in the stands. dont know if that or the fact that he was 68 with a techno ring bothered mores"

How I See It: Old people aren't allowed to listen to techno?

Athlete Tweets Review 05/05/10

  • Wednesday, May 5, 2010 3:22 PM
  • Written By: Dan Hurwitz


Michael Oher
"Getting my air conditioning fixed it's been a little hot the last few days."

How I See It: And it will only get worse.

Jonny Flynn
"I have know clue what to get my moms for mothers day? Suggestions from women would be niiiiiice (fab voice)"

How I See It: You also have NO clue how to spell the word NO.

David Anderson
"So if I celebrate cinco de Mayo, when the Mexicans defeated French, I am going to celebrate 1 of July, Canandians free from British. Fair"

How I See It: Makes sense. Everyone should get work off on both those days to celebrate.

Will Blackmon
"Ninja turtles 2 secret of the ooze is on HBO! Nice!"

How I See It: One of the best movies ever made. "Go ninja! Go ninja! Go!"

Andy Roddick
"my fantasy baseball team absolutely sucks... it frustrates me daily..... *%#*"

How I See It: Luckily there are only 130 games remaining.

Mike Jenkins
"Congrats to the big homie Pacman Jones!"

How I See It: Way to go, big homie. Enjoy your three months with the Bengals.

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Athlete Tweets Review 02/04/10

  • Thursday, February 4, 2010 7:35 PM
  • Written By: Stanley Kay


Floyd Mayweather
"Check out my new twitter page! Shout out to @SuccessJae & @KalikwestMedia for the custom design, Follow them they are Official!"

How I See It:Unless you are going to agree to fight Manny Pacquiao, I don’t care about your new Twitter page, what you have to say, or boxing in general. No, I will not be saying that to Floyd’s face. I think I'll lay low for a while.

Andy Roddick
"attention chris bosh.... us miami heat fans would greatly appreciate your services for the next 7-10.. that and having my boy @dwadeofficial"

How I See It:What about your boy Hedo Turkoglu? He’ll be lonely up in cold Toronto without Chris Bosh.

Bill Romanowski
"Jim Rome just asked me to be his guest tomorrow at ESPN's Jim Rome in Burning. I'll be on at 4:30pm EST."

How I See It: I think those two guys are more likely to fight on the program tomorrow than Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Shaun Phillips
"#itkills me when people follow me around a store."

How I See It: Yeah I hate when that happens.

Evan Lysacek
"Just finished taping Leno. Wanda Sykes is HILARITY at it's finest. Tune in tonight... NBC at 10."

How I See It: I’m with CoCo.

Athlete Tweets Review 11/04/09

  • Wednesday, November 4, 2009 6:18 PM
  • Written By: Larry Yee


Bruce Bowen
"Is looking forward to my transition onto ESPN......dunna nant, dunna nant!"

How I See It: I've never seen a theme song captured better in words before.

Roy Williams
"Breaking old habits and forming new ones always takes time, but it is worth it in the end."

How I See It: Actually you went from being good to being bad really quickly. How was that worth it in any way?

Greg Olsen
"How miserable is it when its pitch black at 4pm.."

How I See It: Matt Forte probably thinks its miserable, timing-wise at least. The one week he shows up, it's too dark to see that he's actually good.

Andy Roddick
"my undertaker photo sucked... its like a blurry back ha ha.. im not the best at twitpic stalker photos....."

How I See It: Caskets are 900 at Walmart. Sick bastard ...Just FYI, you can save some families several grand.

Angela Ruggiero
"100 days until the Opening Ceremonies in Vancouver!"

How I See It: Like.

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