Tweets by Mike Vick, LeBron James And More

  • Sunday, December 19, 2010 8:41 PM
  • Written By: Ross Gordon


Warren Sapp
"JAGS are peeing Down their LEGS!!!"

How I See It: There are no port-o-potties by the field!

DeJuan Blair
"The happiest people dont necessarily have the best of everything but they make the most of everything."

How I See It: No, those types of people are called resourceful.

Mike Vick
"The Heat big four @kingjames @dwadeofficial @chrisbosh and @Mikevick , what yall think ? lol"

How I See It: Hey y’all, my name is Mike Vick and I’m terribly cocky.

Kevin Durant
"Mike Vick for what a comeback"

How I See It: I wonder what PETA is going to have to say about that.

LeBron James
"Oh and by the way, UCONN women's team ain't gone ever lose a game again!! Haa. Congrats ladies!!"

How I See It: Why are you trying to live vicariously through a women’s college basketball team?

Frank Walker II
"Y would u steal from ur friends u idiot."

How I See It: Well, one plausible reason could be that your friends would not expect it was you who actually stole from them.

Jonny Flynn
"First they love you, then they hate you, then they love you again hahahahahaha"

How I See It: Don’t see the humor in this one. Sorry, Jonny.

Deion Sanders
"What Desean did was sick. Don't forget Vick doing his thang. Wow great game unless you're a Giants fan."

How I See It: Matt Dodge better start sending out his resumé to UFL teams.

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Athlete Tweets Review 08/17/10

  • Tuesday, August 17, 2010 8:31 PM
  • Written By: Jacob Feldman


Kevin Weekes
"RT @justinbieber Yo chillin with @kevinweekes NHL goalie.. Hes tight! follow him."

How I See It: In related news, Weekes gained 7,000 followers today, but lost even more respect.

Warren Sapp
"Wake Up U Mean?? Proof reading Is a Must!! Smdh RT @j_holland7: Walk up and get on your feet and let's do something great and unique"

How I See It: Warren Sapp, by far the scariest officer in the Grammar Police Squad.

Joe Haden
"Just finished the first practice!! We got better 2day!!!"

How I See It: Reminder: You are the Browns, you can only get better. It would have been noteworthy had the team proven the theory that they could possibly get worse.

John Calipari
"We now have Crazy Bandz available. Collect, trade, enjoy: ^DP"

How I See It: Bracelets the shape of John Calipari? This has officially gotten way out of hand, no pun intended.

Bryant McKinnie
"Just left the locker room, oh & i ran n2 a old friend when i was leaving. Lol! figure it out!"

How I See It: I think he's talking about Brett Favre? Favre's back. Let the mania begin ... again.

Joe Nemechek
"Looks like Brett's answer may be coming today. Get in your final vote on the poll on #nascar #fb"

How I See It: Great, even NASCAR driver Joe Nemechek is doing his part to cover Favre ad nauseam.

Chad Ochocinco
"OCNN: Droid X Owners, my app is available in the Android Market by searching "Ochocinco" #android #motorola #ochocinco"

How I See It: Oh boy, another medium on which I can follow the fascinating life of Chad Ochocinco. I've got to get this now! Thanks for reading.

Athlete Tweets Review 05/18/10

  • Wednesday, May 19, 2010 10:01 AM
  • Written By: Stanley Kay


Renee Montgomery
"Paul Pierce's interview.... No comment"

How I See It: Then don’t tweet about it.

Jonny Flynn
"Keanu Reeves & JJ Reddick #sameperson"

How I See It: We probably can’t trust J.J. to make a three-pointer in the clutch. Can we trust him to save humanity from the Matrix?

Shaun Phillips
"Superstars don't let their team lose. We have a good game here. I hate JJ Reddick being in the game now."

How I See It: When J.J. saves humanity from the Matrix, he’ll “forget” to save Shaun Phillips.

Adam Jones
"That damn Markakis. Let's take that energy on the road"

How I See It: Was that the first tweet in history about the Baltimore Orioles?

Warren Sapp

How I See It: Bored without football, Warren Sapp has enrolled at Hogwarts.

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Athlete Tweets Review 05/01/10

  • Saturday, May 1, 2010 6:16 PM
  • Written By: Stanley Kay


Nick Mangold
"Made it in safe & sound, no thanks to the faux plane. Nap and then caught the Derby. What a great race. Shame stupid PETA probably missed it "

How I See It: If Nick Mangold mysteriously disappears tomorrow, you’ll know who it was.

Trent Shelton
"See past my tattoos, my body,face idk whatever it is u judge me by....and just try to see my heart...that's all I ask "

How I See It: I see your heart ... but it’s all tattooed up.

Warren Sapp
"800K Cash!!! WOW Wanna See The Pay-out!!!"

How I See It: It appears Warren’s Twitter account has turned into a running infomercial.

Clay Matthews
"Should've put some money down on Ice Box!! Does 2nd pay out??"

How I See It: I’m not sure, but you can get $800,000 from Warren Sapp.

Sinorice Moss
"Proud of my 3year old son. He Bowled an 88. With the Bumpers by himself. Went into the 10th frame with an 80."

How I See It: I think I bowled a 46 recently (true story). How embarrassing.

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Athlete Tweets Review 02/18/10

  • Thursday, February 18, 2010 8:07 PM
  • Written By: Stanley Kay


Kirk Morrison
"To all my Raider fans out there please welcome my fellow linebacker Isaiah Ekejiuba to twitter. Took him long enough. @Ekejiuba50"

How I See It: Can Al Davis somehow get an account? I would pay to see that Twitter feed.

Warren Sapp
"98-98 2:39 left in 4th!!!!! WE ARE ALL WITNESSES!!!"

How I See It: Witnesses to another great regular season for the Cavs, followed up by the inevitable playoff heartbreak? Yep, we’re all witnesses.

Chris Needham
"Shaun White rocking the Gold"

How I See It: Once every four years, and a few times in between, Shaun White redefines “awesome.”

Bret Hedican
"Dancing in the streets on Robson Street downtown Vancouver! Sid the Kid has got massive _alls! & Canada on his back! Wow,Great game!"

How I See It: I don’t want to start talking smack yet, but Patrick Kane once assaulted a cab driver ... so he’ll have no problem getting a little physical with Sid the Kid come Sunday night.

Julia Mancuso
"Torah!!! i think u got it girl:) always look on the Bright side!!!"

How I See It: Wow, I didn’t know that they held Bar Mitzvahs at the Olympics. Really taking these Olympics to the next level! (Or maybe “Torah” is just the name of an athlete ... nah, I’m going with Option A).

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Athlete Tweets Review 01/28/10

  • Thursday, January 28, 2010 9:52 PM
  • Written By: Stanley Kay


Shaun Phillips
"If you wanna know why my skin stays so clear. I use kiehls products there the best."

How I See It: Um, thanks. Very subtle plug, Shaun.

Rod Benson
"Tim Tebow must have had "eye sex" with Todd McShay's girl at some point. Talk about a guy who hates another right now..."

How I See It: That’s a love triangle right there, kids. Senior Bowl style. Throw in Mel Kiper plus his slick head of hair and you have yourself a nice love pentagon.

Warren Sapp

How I See It: Looks like Warren might want to make the McShay love polygon a hexagon.

Gary Williams
"His strict teachings on fundamentals was a very important part of myself and number of my teammates becoming head coaches"

How I See It: Gary Williams tweets?

Amer Delic
"Is it just me or is Dr. Andrews the only doctor available in the US? #Sanchez #Jets"

How I See It:My conspiracy theory: James Andrews isn’t a real person, just an underground organization to which the sports world is at mercy. And “Dr. Andrews” is set to bring down the sports world by controlling all injuries. Can’t say I didn’t warn you.

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Athlete Tweets 01/08/10

  • Friday, January 8, 2010 9:40 PM
  • Written By: Dallas Wright


John Thornton
"Barbershop tattoo. Local barber is a true Bengals fan"

How I See It: Or a Steelers fan who lost a terrible bet.

Warren Sapp
"brb y'all"

How I See It: This is when you know you tweet too much.

Darrell Green
"Hope you all are doing well! I've been busy training in Florida :) Blessings to all the Skins fans still going strong!"

How I See It: I know there's Julio Franco and what not, but, Darrell, what are you training for?

Zac Diles
"Yo they are about to throw that nigerian dude under the jail after seein all his damn charges..."

How I See It: ...well yeah.

Rashad Jennings
"Watchin Friends at the moment, about to run some errands for my Mom."

How I See It: My Friday is better than an NFL player's is!

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Athlete Tweets Review 11/21/09

  • Saturday, November 21, 2009 5:36 PM
  • Written By: Stanley Kay


Larry Fitzgerald
"Whats up people. Were in St.Louis with some downtime before meetings. Hopefully we can leave here 7-3 tomorrow."

How I See It: If you don’t leave 7-3 after playing the Rams, then the NFC West should be banned from the playoffs.

Mark May
"That does it for charlie.....NEXT!!!!!!!"

How I See It: The day Charlie Weis is fired will be the happiest day of Mark May’s life.

Andrew Bogut
"First Day of rehab. Doing everything I can to be back sooner than later. Time to Ice and Stem some more. Go BUCKS lets get one in Elvistown."

How I See It: This is probably the only tweet today about the “Bucks” not referring to Ohio State.

Thurman Thomas
"Can I read the bill somewhere, is it online, c-span, etc...."

How I See It: Referring to the health bill I assume. You’d be the only one to read it probably. Including members of Congress.

Warren Sapp
"Trouble In Buckeye Land!! GO Big Blue!!!"

How I See It: If only Warren could have put on some pads for the Maize and Blue. 251 yards rushing today for the Bucks against the Wolverines.

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