Tweets by Deion Sanders, Dwyane Wade, Stephon Marbury And More

  • Friday, March 4, 2011 12:39 PM
  • Written By: DJ Sixsmith


Dwyane Wade
"Its sad what someone would do to b like you..@KevinHart4real is stalking me..he wants my life."

How I See It: Come on, D-Wade, you should be honored, not frightened.

Kurt Warner
"Grocery store I shop at still sells my t-shirt so I am getting chased from aisle 2 aisle 4 autograph! Ppl I retired, send them back!"

How I See It: Gotta love the life of the stay-at-home Dad. Kurt “Mr. Mom” Warner at your service.

Deion Sanders
"Prime just filled up his gmc denali 90.00 #HOP i see what y'all meen Primetimers."

How I See It: That’s just chump change right, Deion?

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Tweets By Kurt Warner, Mike Vick And More

  • Friday, November 19, 2010 11:23 PM
  • Written By: Jacob Feldman


AJ Allmendinger
"I think I'm getting car sick..."

How I See It: This is THE ultimate irony.

Mike Vick
"All my female followers check out accessories and their friday specials this my fiance store"

How I See It: Who knew Vick had a fiancee? And female followers!?

Donte Stallowrth
"Now @billmaher is talking about what America's ranks throughout the world... Crazy statistics he's spitting out and sadly comical"

How I See It: This just in: Donte Stallworth knows his politics.

Donte Whitner
"@ochocinco dont forget TE's...and tell 94 I have something special for him on the Goalline"

How I See It: Just because you won one game doesn’t mean you can go around trash talking now.

Sean May
"TruecRT @rondajae: We always have a big loss at the beginning of our National Championship years?!? Right? :-/"

How I See It: Yeah, you wish. Tough loss for UNC.

Kurt Warner
"Ever have those days when ur so tired u don't want 2 get up & brush ur teeth (even tho it's only 10 ft away)? 1 night won't hurt, right?"

How I See It: Too tired to brush, but energetic enough to get on your computer and tweet? Very interesting, Mr. Warner.

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Athlete Tweets Review 11/09/10

  • Tuesday, November 9, 2010 2:13 PM
  • Written By: Daniel Rubens


Bernard Berrian
"Yes I will be getting a fine for the yellow shoes. No, u will not see them again this year."

How I See It:Reason No. 452 why the people who run the NFL are dumb.

JaVale McGee
"I'm playing blak ops all night... Gamertag BIGDADDYWOOKIE"

How I See It: I guess JaVale McGee has some Chewbacca-ish features.

Kurt Warner
"My 1 hour of free time this week & what do I find myself doing... wandering around a boutique watching my wife shop! Good thing I love her!"

How I See It: Even NFL MVPs are whipped, just like the rest of us.

Chad Ochocinco
"Anybody else have struggles at the work place or is it just in my profession? If you do struggle in your work place how do you stay focused?"

How I See It: Chad, you might be less distracted if you thought about touchdowns instead of touchdown celebrations.

Paul Bissonnette
"This homeless guy was outside our hotel last night. Hadn't seen one in a while so gave him 5 bucks."

How I See It: So Paul Bissonnette is generous? Or just bored?

LeBron James
"Thanks to my REAL FANS for helping me get to a Million followers. U guys are the best!! Let's keep it going. Oh and I thank the haters also!"

How I See It: Translation: Thanks, mom. And thanks to my 999,999 haters.

Athlete Tweets Review 10/22/10

  • Saturday, October 23, 2010 10:09 AM
  • Written By: Jeffrey Eisenband


Allan Houston
"Life is all about God's timing. Be prepared for your time!"

How I See It: Really? I always thought that shot against the Heat in '99 was all skill.

Billy Donovan
"Follow @GatorZoneMBK today at SEC Basketball Media days...UF goes from 11-1:10 p.m."

How I See It: Ah, Billy, keep working on that mediocre NCAA team. Dwight Howard and Rashard Lewis clearly were not worthy.

Kurt Warner
"Morning y'all... trying 2 give u something good, but got NOTHING this a.m. sorry, maybe later - Lil Jimmy says keep smiling in the meantime!"

How I See It: Sadly, Kurt Warner's twitter page is more exciting than the entire NFC West.

Danilo Gallinari
"Nice dinner out with my friend ready to sleep..let's do it.."

How I See It: Aw, man. I thought Danilo had a hot date until I realized the Knicks were in Toronto.

Freddy Adu
"Thanks guys"

How I See It: No, thank you, Freddy ... for never living up to the hype and playing seven years of average soccer.

Michael Strahan
"Congrats to the Texas Rangers. The better team won!! I have ties to both states so its a win win for me.... Go Rangers!!!"

How I See It: Really, Michael? So, who are you going to root for on Monday night? Giants or Cowboys? Pick the wrong answer, and you will never be on a Subway commercial in the state of New York ever again.

JR Celski
"scratch that... they just hit #28!"

How I See It: Somebody's a little confused. The Yankees would have gotten #28 if they won the World Series. The Rangers beat them though.

Kevin Durant
"Monta Ellis makes it look so easy when he plays!!! Always enjoy watchin him hoop"

How I See It: And this guy's humble too? I like Kevin a lot better than that OTHER MVP candidate.

Carmelo Anthony
"“I’m committed. Are you? http://OFA.BO/?” #Retweet"

How I See It: Hahahahaha. Committed to what? Demanding a trade?

LeBron James
"Akron, OH!! Best city in the WORLD!! Catch up"

How I See It: Hypocrite.

Athlete Tweets Review 09/09/10

  • Thursday, September 9, 2010 4:01 PM
  • Written By: Katie Tang


Kerron Clement
"Random: I am listenin to Christmas music haha.. I don't think I need to mention the artist, coz folks who know me know who I'm talking about"

How I See It: Well, it IS the first game of the football season. Looks like Christmas came early for us football fans at least.

Jessica Gysin
"Offices should have nap time just like in kindergarten"

How I See It: Complete with Barbie Doll blankies ... or was that just me?

Michelle Wie
"i just decided that piranhas are NOT my favorite fish."

How I See It: Watch them eat people on Spring Break in a movie while wearing 3D glasses. I swear you'll change your mind.

Paige Mackenzie
"Got a little practice in til @georgelopez stole my spot on the range. Shoot, george....thats ok, you've got a prettier swing than me"

How I See It: It's not his fault. Conan stole his spot on television. You've got to give the man something.

Kurt Warner
"Doing a Costume consultation: sequins, frills, v-necks, uggh! Welcome to the the World of Dance! Its not helmets, pads, & cups for sure! LOL"

How I See It: Sequins may not provide the same protection as football pads, but they're just as manly. Especially when they're pink.

Rick Fox
"@ the US Open last night and shared a box with The Great One #99 and his wife, an SNL comedian and a Yankee pitcher."

How I See It: Now THAT'S how you roll with an entourage. Got room for a sixth? Call me!

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Athlete Tweets Review 05/19/10

  • Wednesday, May 19, 2010 5:20 PM
  • Written By: Dan Hurwitz


Brandon Jennings

How I See It: Looks like you needed that one year of college.

Matt Forte
"#Randomfact Nearly 2,500 left handed ppl are killed a year using products designed for right handed ppl! Glad im"

How I See It: How accurate is that, Matt?

Chris Douglas-Roberts
"ATTENTION!You don't have to be RICH to be FLY!Remember,it's about attitude.Being positive & confident.Just be CLEAN with w/e your budget is!"

How I See It: After basketball you should look into a career as a guidance counselor.

Kurt Warner
"EXHAUSTED! Too much travel! Too much working out! Too many kids up til wee hrs in morn! And WAY to little sleep! NEED A NAP!s"

How I See It: Is Kurt starting to rethink retirement? You could be at OTAs right now.

Roddy White
"The celtics are bringing out the brooms"

How I See It: I think you're right. They won't lose at home.

Andy Roddick
"at my match today this guys phone kept ringing in the stands. dont know if that or the fact that he was 68 with a techno ring bothered mores"

How I See It: Old people aren't allowed to listen to techno?

Athlete Tweets Review 05/15/10

  • Saturday, May 15, 2010 11:18 PM
  • Written By: Stanley Kay


Tony Gonzalez
"The #Falcons won again 50-6. Let keep it rolling. Time to celebrate!! Its my little boys flag football team for those that don't know haha."

How I See It: Yeah I was going to say, there’s no way the real Falcons’ secondary can hold any offense to 6 points.

Kirk Morrison
"Man I've been down at the beach all day and I can say that I'm excited to be a Jaguar. These Jag fans have shown me so much love its crazy."

How I See It: All four of them.

Jay Feely
"This evening defines what it means to be a Michigan Man! True wealth is not defined by what you have but rather what you can give."

How I See It: Or for Rich Rodriguez, it’s what you can take away from the program, like tradition and records.

Eric Wright
"The Jonas Brothers got these lil girls passin out and losing shoes n cameras n shhh.. Its crazy round here. I jus wanted to eat n c a movie"

How I See It: The proper plural form for the Jonas Brothers: the “Joni.”

Kurt Warner
"@BeanieWells26 Hey kid... you been working on those pass routes? I remember you telling me you were pretty good at them? We'll see!"

How I See It: Kurt’s gone….Boldin’s traded…’s the Leinart to Beanie hookup in 2010 for the Cards’ aerial attack!

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