Athlete Tweets Review 04/03/10

  • Sunday, April 4, 2010 6:09 AM
  • Written By: Stanley Kay


Darrelle Revis
"Duke & Butler i think it should be a good match up."

How I See It: I think I’ll watch 24 instead.

Svetlana Kuznetsova
"???? ???????? ???? ??? ???? ??? ??????? ?? ?????? ????? ?????????? ?? ????? ??????? ????! ??? ??? ? ??????????!"

How I See It: I had the same reaction when I realized we would have to watch Butler in the championship game.

Eric Winston
"Awkward but nice moment with Huggins and his player."

How I See It: One shining moment: Bob Huggins makes a move, in front of a national TV audience, on his injured star. So smooth.

Nick Barnett
"Retweet if you are ready for the NFL season to start!!!"

How I See It: Will this actually do anything? If so, I’ll be retweeting this all night after these boring Final Four games.

Kevin Johnson
"At Rubicon watching West VA vs. Duke. I'm taking West VA. You?"

How I See It: And boom goes the dynamite. Good prediction.

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Athlete Tweets Review 01/25/10

  • Monday, January 25, 2010 4:30 PM
  • Written By: Dallas Wright


Eric Winston
"Did Terrance Cody not know he was gonna have to get on a scale? 370?? Who does he think he is? Ted Washington in his 15th year?"

How I See It: Well if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black tackle calling the tackle fat.

Shawn Johnson
"In the process of interviewing all of the contestants for Miss America in Vegas :) this is an honoring experience. These girls are brilliant"

How I See It: I thought Twitter was supposed to encourage more honesty.

Bryant McKinnie
"Ok me, Sidney Rice + Adrian Peterson r putting 2gether a very classy upscale party during Super Bowl! The owner from The W hotel asked if we"

How I See It: Hopefully AP doesn't drop the ball on this one.

Thurman Thomas
"RT @ "I have no house, wife, children, parents, or brothers; my friends are friends as long as they think like me, politically" -Che"

How I See It: Guevara must be rolling in his grave. Republicans are quoting him now.

Trevor Ariza
"When do I get to go to the white house? Lol"

How I See It: Didn't you win a championship last year?

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Athlete Tweets Review 11/15/09

  • Sunday, November 15, 2009 9:01 PM
  • Written By: Larry Yee


Reggie Bush
"I mean you have to have BALLS OF STEEL to make that call Bellicheck made!!! Man we were sooo close too!"

How I See It: He's the hoodie. Leave him alone.

Swin Cash
"Can some1 call the President&see if I can get a lift bck to America on Air Force 1 for Thanksgiving! I heard he is in China 2 hrs from me :("

How I See It: Chinese food for thanksgiving. Come on now? Dim Sum and barbecued pork buns FTW. Turkey's dry...

TJ Ford
"Tom Brady is Jason Kidd of football " greatness ""

How I See It: Of all the players you coulda chosen, you picked an over-the-hill, overrated point guard with Zero 'ships, comparing him to Tom Brady. Cool. Don't you play basketball?

Eric Winston
"I agree with Collinsworth about the job the Pats oline is doing but he does it in such an annoying way!"

How I See It: Still better than John Madden.

Johanna Mundy
"sushi, tea, chatting, tea....chatting...more tea.....more chatting....perfect evening!"

How I See It: Midterms, quizzes, essays and more guys could at least make my evening easier by saying something interesting...

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