Athlete Tweets Review 09/26/10

  • Sunday, September 26, 2010 8:58 PM
  • Written By: Ross Gordon


Carlos Boozer
"Great Day To Watch Football!!!!"

How I See It: Yeah, much better than a Wednesday.

Paula Creamer
"I just have nothing to say about these 49ers."

How I See It: Then why did you post that on Twitter?

Quentin Richardson
"Boldin again!!! BEAST!!!"

How I See It: Boldin officially has the swagger of a No. 1 wide receiver. I think 142 yards and three touchdowns does that to you. Who’s Larry Fitzgerald again?

Andy Roddick
"really really sucks"

How I See It: Yeah, I know, you haven’t won a grand slam in seven years.

Sherron Collins
"So happy for mike vick keep doing yo thing my dude"

How I See It: I don’t care what anyone says – all of these “go Vick” Tweets have to make Kevin Kolb feel terrible. This was supposed to be him.

Vince Young
""On to the Next One". Like my boy Hov say."

How I See It: Don’t be cocky ... and wait didn’t Jeff Fisher bench you last week?

Chad OchoCinco
"@nflcommish Goodmorning dad, im looking to have a lil fun day, no fines just take away my starbucks card n i'll straighten up, love you man"

How I See It: Child, please. Roger Goodell ain’t yo daddy!

Roddy White
"We dat by the way who can be them saints"

How I See It: I know what you were going for, but that just didn’t come out right.

Athlete Tweets Review 09/03/10

  • Monday, September 6, 2010 5:31 AM
  • Written By: Jacob Feldman


Trent Shelton
"Why do you have more hope for your favorite football team, than you have for your life? -@BaylorBarbee"

How I See It: Well, because Aaron Rodgers isn't the quarterback of my life.

Vince Young
"N locker room with some of my teammates these boys r crazy if we can record this we will b best reality show on TV."

How I See It: Filming NFL teams during the preseason, what a novel idea Vince. You should consider contacting HBO about that idea, and maybe call the show "Hard Knocks" or something.

Le'Ron McClain
"Up up up up up up up up Yeah........ Gang Gang!!!!! And I'm gone"

How I See It: Say what?

Terrell Owens
"Not picking me on ur fantasy squad means u have no chance @ winning $50 Gs. Sign up now & dn't 4get 2 use my promo code..."

How I See It: No one does arrogant AND promotional at the same time better than Batman (TO).

Chad Ochocinco Johnson
"#FACT My success over my career has been enabled because of the play of Housh on the opposite side of me and id be happy to have him back"

How I See It: Oh man, sounds more like the Justice League now.

Lorenzo Neal
"Come out and tailgate with the Fresno Greats free food and drinks by FanFoods"

How I See It: "Fresno Greats," now that's an oxymoron.

Serena Williams
"OMG Venus dress?? She's killing the game!!!"

How I See It: Classic jealousy from the younger sister.

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