Tom Coughlin, Eli Manning Have New York Football Giants Hot At Right Time

  • Monday, January 16, 2012 9:30 AM
  • Written By: Harry Parmenter


The red-faced militaristic taskmaster Tom Coughlin made his name coaching the Jacksonville Jaguars with Mark Brunell as his partner in crime. If you missed Brunell's 50-yard hurdling scramble to win an important postseason game, go to the Internet. It was a thing of a beauty.

Now, however, Captain Tom has a better QB and is on another mission. His Giants not only whupped a good Atlanta team last week, they went in to Lambeau Field on Sunday and destroyed the defending NFL world champions 37-20. If it wasn't for the zebras' clear partisanship, it wouldn't have been that close.

An obvious first-half fumble by Green Bay was not called, even after review. A politically correct and noxious roughing-the-passer call on Osi Umenyiora to a Green Bay drive alive ... pathetic. Team Coughlin kept going and put the Ubangi Stomp on the champs.

Here's saying they go to the Bay Area next Sunday and put the whupping stick on the Niners, whose brilliant comeback v. New Orleans reminded us all why this is the game we Americans love above all.

The Jints will prevail in S.F., and then go to the big dance to meet Baltimore, which could be problematic. If Joe Flacco plays the game of his life, the Ravens make Edgar Allan Poe proud. If he doesn't Eli, has more rings than his brother.

If I had to put money down, I'd bet on Eli.

There is just something about this team.

And while Eli is the main stem the real reason is Tom C.

The most revealing moment today was when Lawrence Tynes shanked a kickoff out of bounds, giving Green Bay first and ten at its 40. Most coaches -- including the old Tom C -- would have been in Tynes' face, lambasting his sorry ass.

Instead Tom was clapping his hands, shouting support. This will payoff in spades when Tynes makes a big kick next week and/or at the big dance.

Tom Coughlin, a military brat to the casual watcher, is none other than the new Vince Lombardi. He is the best coach in football, with all apologies to the Harbaughs and The Hoodie.

He has learned to handle his players, love them, discipline them, lead them.

He and Eli Manning are about to make history. They will beat SF and advance and probably clip the Ravens leaving EAP reciting "Ulalume" in his sleep. Because Tom Coughlin is the f-ing Man!

Not to slight Eli. It fascinates me how a great QB like Eli can succeed without Plaxico Burress or another Pro Bowl receiver. Eli has Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz, Mario Manningham, Travis Beckum and Henry Hynoski. It reminds me of the 1969-70 Knicks, which had great players but was even better as a team because of the close-knit way they played together en route to the promised land.

This team has outstanding big men in the trenches -- Chris Snee, Jason Pierre-Paul, Umenyiora, David Diehl -- a solid tight end in Jake Ballard who replaced stud Kevin Boss, one unsung hero after another. They are hot at the right time. They are going All The Way.

My only concern is Baltimore, an equally hungry and overdue team. Still, I expect NYG to win it all.

This trio of receivers ... wow. Nicks has a knack for making a catch and shedding tacklers. Cruz can get open anywhere anytime. Manningham just has the gift. His catch v. Atlanta in the end zone to put it away was a thing of beauty.

Ahmad Bradshaw ... his run today at the end of the first half against the Packer was off the charts, leading to the Hail Mary that gave the Jints all the momentum going into the intermission. And there was Brandon Jacobs at crunch time, going left off the take then changing course right all the way to the TD that put the game away.

God, I love football. Not to mention the New York Football Giants.

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