Exclusive Video From Super Bowl XLIV: The Ochocinco News Network -- The Future of Journalism??

  • Wednesday, February 3, 2010 12:16 PM
  • Written By: SportsFanLive Reports


By far the most entertaining outlet on Super Bowl Media Day was the newly formed OCNN – Ochocinco News Network. That’s right, Chad Ochocinco even has a news team to make sure he gets all the media spotlight he deserves. Wow! Ray Rice was serving as a roving reporter for OCNN and got some laughs by asking the Colts defensive players, “Hey man, why did you hit me so hard?” and other poignant questions. Yes, friends, it was truly an entertaining experience that reinforced the old adage that reality is stranger than fiction any day.

We also got a chance to catch up with the Internet's two best jokesters, Jake and Amir from CollegeHumor.com. They were in town to join the OCNN reporting team and were kind enough to give us a couple minutes.

Soon it was on to Mr. Rice, though, as we caught a few of his interviews in the media circus.

Here he is with Colts defensive end and fellow Rutgers alum Gary Brackett.

And finally talking to Marques Colston, Saints wide receiver.

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3 Takes

I love you Jake and Amir!! Thanks for all of these interviews :)
chad you are a media monster!! you are def worth your weight on and off the field!
John Woods
Dude that was the most amazing half time show I have EVER seen. The Who totally ROCKED. Jess www.private-surfing.be.tc