Crosby Hate Is Getting Old

  • Thursday, May 6, 2010 12:55 AM
  • Written By: Steve Silver


It is fun to hate Sidney Crosby.

I get it.

He is the best hockey player in the world. He wins a lot of championships and awards. He even has the audacity to not showboat or get in trouble off the ice.

Basically Crosby is a Prom King, Student Council President, teacher’s pet and Abercrombie model all rolled into one.

I mean, who could cheer for a guy like that? (Besides Pittsburgh Penguins’ fans, obviously.)

Well, I tell you who – Canadians with any semblance of respect for the game of hockey, particularly in Montreal.

Yes, Crosby is a Penguin, and Montreal should absolutely hate Pittsburgh right now, but why are Canadiens’ fans going to extremes to harass Crosby?

Every time Crosby touches the puck at the Bell Centre the raucous crowd showers him with booing. Often that arena erupts with “Crosby sucks” chants. A local pizza shop has even put a Crosby jersey on the sidewalk to let people and dogs trample on it.

Really, Montreal? I mean, come on. I always expected this kind of behavior in Philadelphia or even Washington, but Montreal?

A few months ago you were practically ready to elect Crosby as prime minister of Canada and now he is public enemy No. 1? I feel like he should give Rodney Dangerfield a call, the guy just can't get any respect.

How quickly a nation forgets Sid’s gold medal-winning overtime goal. What about the World Junior championship he won? Or you know, that whole bringing the sport of hockey – your sport – back into the mainstream by living up to every expectation that comes with being the face of the NHL.

Rub your feet on a Malkin jersey or boo Cooke for taking cheap shots at your players, but what do you gain from hurling insults at a young man who has done nothing but proudly represent your nation and its national pastime?

Sure, I boo Pittsburghers like Oakland Raiders quarterback Bruce Gradkowski when he plays the Steelers. Gradkowski, though, isn’t even on the same stratosphere as Crosby.

To Crosby’s credit, he admits that he is used to all the hate.

"I didn't really go looking or expecting anything,” Crosby said. “I'm out there playing, I don't really realize that kind of stuff now. After playing so many games in Philly, I think that just becomes part of what you expect on the road.”

Last I checked Crosby led the league in postseason points. So please keep it up, haters.

9 Takes

you speak truth my friend, there is no lying in you.
A whiny baby who has the refs in his back pocket. No wonder they boo him. Even notice how many cheap goals this guy gets
Not a fan in the league woi\uldn't want this guy. Stop him or shut up.
The Habs fans just tend to boo the best player on the opposing team....happens all the time in the playoffs. Ovie got booed in round 1, Crosby/Malkin in Round 2. It is a bit surprising, since Crosby led the Canada national team to gold. But still, Habs fans put Montreal above all else come playoff time, so they will let their dogs trample on Crosby jerseys (Ovechkin received the same treatment). If Crosby's squad doesn't step it up, I'm not exactly sure which Bruin will receive the royal treatment....Savard? Chara?
"He even has the audacity to not showboat" This guy obviously hasn't seen Sidney score a goal
This is what they do? They always boo the best player on the opposing team. Seriously, how long have you been watching hockey?
Well Kevin - they've forced game 7 should they shut up now??
Mavi, I've been watching and playing hockey for more than 20 years. I've never seen such a high level of disrespect than in Montreal. Well Philly maybe, but hockey is Canada's game. Crosby just won them a gold medal, what are they so upset about?
I'm rooting for the Habs, and have been hating Sidney Crosby for several years now. It starts to get old for me, and then he does something cocky and arrogant, like starting fights when his enforcer will finish them, taking cheap shots and then lying about it, hitting opposing players in the balls, or fighting a player who's already tied up with another. And then my hate is renewed. If Sid Crosby wants my respect or anyone else's, he should probably play like he deserves it.