Welcome To The Party, Gatorade

  • Saturday, February 27, 2010 12:44 AM
  • Written By: Steve Silver


Without delving into the overexposed Tiger Woods drama in which I’m personally more shocked that he got caught cheating rather than the fact that he was actually cheating, I have to ask why Gatorade just now decided to drop him?

Lost amidst the probably much more important news of the Olympics, a health care summit and another East Coast snow storm is that Gatorade dropped Tiger Woods from an endorsement deal on Friday afternoon.

But why -- or more importantly -- why now?

Accenture and AT&T were on the ball a long time ago. They didn’t want their brand mixed with the Cheetah so they bolted. Fair enough.

Nike, Tag Heuer and Gillette, well, they still wanted Tiger, but they’ve just made it a little less public. It’s like the girl who will only kiss you with all of the lights off and never tell her friends about it. Then again, Tiger might actually prefer that.

Back to the point, though, what took so long?

If I understand this correctly, Gatorade first denied pulling that awful tasting “Woods” drink off the shelves in November due to his sexual escapades. They claimed it was just a coincidence. Right. Then for the past few months as seemingly every available pancake waitress in the country admitted to having an affair with Tiger, Gatorade was cool with that?

Maybe his public apology just wasn’t sincere enough for Gatorade. Whatever the reason, the timing of this is just weird.

5 Takes

i was wondering the same thing? weird!
non gatorade drinker
fuck gatorade thanks for standing by your man shitbags
yeah....typical company who only want people who never make mistakes..
Gator what?
Studies show that somewhere between 50-60% of men cheat on their wives and between 30-40% of women cheat on their husbands, depending on the study. Imagine what would happen to this country if every cheater lost his job and was deprived of earning an income. Furthermore, imagine what would happen if everyone stopped purchasing products from any company that either hires or subcontracts a cheater. Our economy would come to a complete halt FOR EVERYONE. Now, also imagine the temptation put before tiger everyday. It is hyprocisy to say that tiger or his sponsors should be boycotted. BTW, Who could blame him. Elin is no saint either, I have nude pictures of her they have been on the internet for years now - I think she posed for an adult magazine before meeting tiger. How much does the public want of tiger before they will be content. If I was him, I would have simply said that it is between me and my family and I owe nobody anything. He is the best golfer and that is the only thing that should matter.