NFL Gets Emotional Over Free Agency

  • Friday, March 5, 2010 4:10 PM
  • Written By: Steve Silver


NFL free agency has certainly started off with a bang and I’m grateful for that. This time of year can be rough for me because Sportscenter becomes obsessed with Spring Training and the NBA – two things I really do not care about.

Thankfully, football is on the tongue once again and this free agency period should carry me through the NFL Draft in April. Remember, we still don’t know where Michael Vick will land or if the Eagles will even let him go.

At some point I will do an in-depth analysis of all of the NFL roster moves, but for now, here are some thoughts that I think I think.

First of all, I hope Tom Brady drowned in his cereal bowl upon hearing the news that the New York Jets will now be impossible to throw against. Darrelle Revis could probably cover an opposing offense by himself, but now he has Antonio Cromartie next to him? That is ridiculous.

This is a great move by Rex Ryan and Co.

Yes, I know the knock on Cromartie. He has an off-field rap sheet that would make Lil Wayne blush, but the man has proven he can play. How quickly we forget his 10 interceptions in 2007.

Granted, the Jets did literally run over Cromartie in the playoffs, but New York’s scheme could make him a Pro Bowler once again. He will certainly get tested plenty as nobody wants to throw to Revis. Wow, stop and think about Revis and Cromartie feasting on the Buffalo Bills twice a year. Those games are good for at least two picks each.

Speaking of feasting, I can’t wait to see Julius Peppers treat Brett Favre like the Bellagio buffet. If Peppers officially signs with the Chicago Bears and if Favre retires, un-retires, retires then un-retires again this will be one heck of a match-up.

Perhaps the thought of the 6-foot-7, 283-pound freak of a defensive end planting him into the ground will keep Favre on his couch in Wranglers for all future Sundays.

Finally, after watching the Carolina Panthers’ top brass put on the whole crying charade after releasing Jake Delhomme, I now need a new vomit bag.

Seriously Marty Hurney and John Fox? You’re crying over releasing your own quarterback? You have got to be kidding me.

This is football. If Tom Hanks didn’t allow crying in "A League of Their Own," then I’ll be damned if I’ll allow crying in the NFL.

Not to mention – you released him. That’s like dumping someone with the “It’s me, not you” line. Bosses don’t cry when they fire people. They have the power to not fire you if you’re that good.

Sure, this might prove to be the best move for the Panthers in the long term, but I really don’t see it. Delhomme was miserable at best last season, but the guy put together quite a career. Not to mention, the Panthers still owe him a ton of money and now they pin their hopes on Matt Moore?

Maybe Moore is the second coming of John Elway. Who knows? Right now, though, he is unproven and he does not have a ton of talent around him. Perhaps Carolina is really just buying time until they announce a trade for Michael Vick.

In the meantime, stop crying and play some football.