Mega-Disappointment With Mega-Fight

  • Sunday, May 2, 2010 1:42 AM
  • Written By: Steve Silver


I really don’t know why I haven’t learned my lesson at this point.

Every time I get excited for a Floyd Mayweather fight it always ends in the same bland form of dissatisfaction.

They are not terrible matches, but every fight I am left wanting something more.

Maybe it’s because Mayweather’s methodical style in the ring is polar opposite from his eccentric, wannabe-gangster charade outside of it. Maybe it’s all of the grappling instead of punching.

Or maybe it’s just my unwillingness to accept that Mayweather truly is better than everyone else out there – that he really can back up all of his trash talk.

Either way, Mayweather’s lackluster, yet convincing win over Shane Mosley Saturday night was just one more reason why I’m praying to the boxing gods to allow a Mayweather/Pacquiao fight.

I’m sick of seeing Mayweather pick apart opponents without even breaking a sweat. He needs a real challenger and Pacquiao is just the man for the job.

Unfortunately I’ll say there is only a 25 percent chance this dream bout occurs due to Pacquiao’s puzzling refusal to submit to thorough drug testing.

For now boxing fans just have to accept that Mayweather will continue to collect $20 million paychecks for sparring sessions with weak opponents until Pacquiao steps up to the plate.

Enough with the bitterness, though, because I’m really just upset that I didn’t win a single cent on the Kentucky Derby this weekend.

I’m also fuming at Comcast.

You would think in 2010 in a densely populated suburb of Pittsburgh that they would offer Pay-Per-View in HD. Think again.

That absolutely floored me tonight. I couldn’t even allow Mayweather to lull me to sleep in the best quality picture. Really Comcast? Pay-Per-View sporting events in HD are that hard to deliver? Does anyone have the Verizon Fios phone number?

On a completely different note, Chris Brown needs a new PR manager.

Who in their right mind thought having Chris Brown butcher the National Anthem at a boxing match was a good idea? This was the man who beat up his girlfriend. So let's just put him in a boxing ring for his next major public appearance. Makes total sense, right?

Finally, there were a lot of NFL quarterback sightings today. Aaron Rodgers took in the Kentucky Derby from the luxury suites and Mark Sanchez was ringside at the Mayweather/Mosley fight.

Attention, Big Ben, this is what NFL quarterbacks are supposed to do. Go live the high life at major events with other stars rather than down $1 High Lifes in rural Georgia with college kids.

Oh, and let’s go, Pens!