Vantastic Review

  • Monday, March 1, 2010 1:06 PM
  • Written By: Vantastic Voyage


One of the things I will remember about once-in-a-lifetime Olympic adventure is the scenery of Vancouver. Everywhere I went I was treated to a breathtaking view, whether it was from Stanley Park or looking down an always-busy Granville Street. But what took my breath away was the drive up to Whistler. The Sea-to-Sky Skyway had spectacular views of mountains and valleys throughout the entire way. It was one of the best drives I ever been on, and I've got proof with the hundreds of pictures I took from the bus.)

What surprised me was the Canadians’ hospitality. Everyone I met was very warm and friendly. The locals were easy to get along with whether it was talking about places to visit or explaining to me how the CFL works. The Olympic Volunteers also enhanced our experiences. Not only did they help organize the large crowds but they also made some fun out of it. While I was waiting in line for the SkyTrain after a curling match, the volunteers encouraged us to start a wave as we were standing out in the cold. Only at the Olympics will you receive such a welcome.

Vancouver, well what can I say, it’s one hell of a city. From the moment I stepped foot into downtown I know I was witnessing something special. Never have I seen a city so patriotic about their country and its athletes. Vancouver is one of the best cities I have ever visited, and I already miss it even if I’ve only been back in D.C. for four days. I definitely plan on returning for a second time to see more of this amazing city as well as going to Whistler again so I can ski the slopes. Who knows, I might even live there one day.


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